Devastated (One Direction Fanfic)

Ellie Johnson, a 17 year old girl's parents die. She gets sent off to an orphanage, having to share a room with a mean guy, Harry. When danger strikes in the orphanage, Ellie runs away, taking her sister. They're left to fend for themselves. 2 years later, she meets Harry again, but this time he's in a world famous boy band, One Direction. (Warning: foul language)


7. (not a chapter)

A/N hey guys, once again, forgot to the an lol. Comment please! You guys have liked, favourited, became fans, everything except comment! How about this - if I can get 3 comments that aren't from Hannah, Allana, or Bella, I'll update faster and make my chapters longer I promise? Okay? thx guys!



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