Devastated (One Direction Fanfic)

Ellie Johnson, a 17 year old girl's parents die. She gets sent off to an orphanage, having to share a room with a mean guy, Harry. When danger strikes in the orphanage, Ellie runs away, taking her sister. They're left to fend for themselves. 2 years later, she meets Harry again, but this time he's in a world famous boy band, One Direction. (Warning: foul language)


4. Chapter 4

Harry's POV

When I woke up, I looked around to find myself in a hospital. "Oh you're awake!" A voice startled me. I saw a nurse running towards me. "Hi...?" I said un surely. "How are you feeling?" She asked. "Uh, should I feel good?" I asked. "Well, after that big fire, I guess I thought you wouldn't, but..." She replied.

"Fire? What big fire?" I questioned, frustrated. The nurse looked at me for a moment, then walked over to the side of my bed. "What's your name?" She asked. "Uh..." Then I realized I didn't know! "Oh, honey..." The nurse said. "Uh, I'll be right back. Stay there, okay?" She said. Like hell I could even move!

Just then, a professional looking doctor walked in. "Hi." He said simply. I didn't reply. Before I could even process what was going on, there were a whole bunch of tunes and needles stuck into me. I looked away, disgusted. He gave me a drink that made me feel woozy. "What's happening?" I asked drowsily, trying to keep my eyes open. "I'm afraid you have a bad case of-" then I passed out.

Ellie's POV

Emma came running towards me. Well, tried to. She limped over, coughing. "Emma! What happened?!" I asked. She told me her story. "...and then I found you." She finished. "Wow." I croaked. My throat was still hurting from all the smoke. All of the sudden, Emma started crying. I put my arms around her, trying not to cry myself. Only then I realized in how bad shape we were. Our clothes were burnt, Emma had a broken leg, I had a huge cut on my arm and my head hurt like hell. Everything that had happened came back in memories. The car crash, the orphanage, Harry, the fire... It was a lot to go through in just two days.

When we finished crying, Emma asked "what now?" Hm. Good question. We stood up. I found Emma a stick to use as a crutch. We walked around in the woods surrounding the orphanage. I heard a branch crack. "Hello?" I said cautiously. A figure came into view. Then two.. Then three. "Hi!" A voice squealed. "We thought we were lost!" I walked over to a group of girls. They introduced themselves. Hannah had dark brown wavy hair and freckles. Allana was tall with waist long dark brown wavy hair. Bella had short dark hair and bangs. "So... How did you guys get here?" I asked. "Well, Allana's father is a d-" Bella started. "My dad told us to go out and get some excersise, and well, we got lost," Allana interrupted, glaring at Bella. "Okay...?" I said. "How about you?" Hannah asked. I glanced at my little sister. She burst into tears. "Um, we w-were in an orphanage and it b-burnt down." I said, willing myself not to cry. "Omigosh, I'm so sorry!" Hannah said, putting an arm around me and Emma. Allana sighed. "Well, since you told us the truth, I guess I should too. My dad- he's a drunk and my friends were helping me run away, and... Well, here we are," she said, tears welling up on her eyes. "We're kind of lost." She added. "I would help, but I'm lost too," I said, "and my little sister Emma is freaking out. Can I come with you guys?"

And that's how it all started.

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