Devastated (One Direction Fanfic)

Ellie Johnson, a 17 year old girl's parents die. She gets sent off to an orphanage, having to share a room with a mean guy, Harry. When danger strikes in the orphanage, Ellie runs away, taking her sister. They're left to fend for themselves. 2 years later, she meets Harry again, but this time he's in a world famous boy band, One Direction. (Warning: foul language)


3. Chapter 3

Ellie's Dream

I stood in front of a building. I sniffed the air. It was smoke! The building went up in flames. Then I realized my little sister and my parents were in there. I ran towards the building. "Don't do it, Ellie, they're dead!" A voice in my head said. But I kept running. It seemed to take forever. I threw the door of the building open. There lay my sister and my parents, dead. "Told you so..." That little voice said. It sounded strangely like Harry's. A single tear fell from my eye...

End of Dream (Ellie's POV)

I woke up sweating. There were tears all over my uniform. I stood up shakily. It smelled of smoke everywhere. Suddenly, memories came flooding back. Harry. Breakfast. The fire. My sister. My sister! Where was she? Was she okay? I called her name. "Emma? Emma?! EMMA!! Where are you? Emma, please!" I cried. Where the hell was she? Was she even alive? I gasped at the thought that she was dead. I couldn't lose another family member, not now - "ELLIE!" Someone yelled. It was Emma!


Hey guys, yes it's christi again. Sorry this chapter was so short. Not much of a cliffhanger. Sorry! Anyways could u guys please comment how I'm doing and some ideas? I may be developing a case of writers block. :( Please like, vote, favorite, become a fan, etc. ok bye!!!!


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