Hi, my name is gracie and I'm 19, I met these 5 guys in high school senior year and thought i'd never see them again, i didnt want to, they hurt me. Ive been hurt ever since. I hide it though. I haven't told anyone my story, always coverd it up, until now. (A/N sorry bout the random changes. The title is now Hurt and the pic changed too.)


1. Prolough (I don't know how to spell it, lol)

     Hey, this is a picture of me, my name is gracie maria phipps, I like nail polish and clothes. I'm 19 and just graduated high school, I met these 5 guys, they seem nice and I thik one of them likes me. This isn't long because I want to tell you my story.....bad. so here it is, hope you enjoy!

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