Hi, my name is gracie and I'm 19, I met these 5 guys in high school senior year and thought i'd never see them again, i didnt want to, they hurt me. Ive been hurt ever since. I hide it though. I haven't told anyone my story, always coverd it up, until now. (A/N sorry bout the random changes. The title is now Hurt and the pic changed too.)


10. he loves me, he really does part 2

Harry's pov

 I reached for gracie's rim of her shirt and lifted it above her head. I was waiting all night to get that red tube top off of her. "Do you want to? If you don't I won't push you." I said. She just nodded and kissed me again. Gracie is old enough and pretty, and I would love to have sex with her, but she's a virgin. I don't want to take that, if she doesn't want me to. And that's exactally what I told her. She just nodded and lifted my shirt above my head. She was really letting me do this. I unclasped her bra and tossed it on the floor behind me. She glanced at the door. "Don't worry, nobody is here." I said. She whined so I got up and locked the door. She smiled and got up. She pulled down her shorts and well... I can't remember the rest. All I remember is flashes of gracie moaning, enjoying me. One of them was of her ripping open a condom package. I rememberd what it felt like though. Amazing. She bled on my bed but I didn't care, I needed to buy new sheets anyways.

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