Hi, my name is gracie and I'm 19, I met these 5 guys in high school senior year and thought i'd never see them again, i didnt want to, they hurt me. Ive been hurt ever since. I hide it though. I haven't told anyone my story, always coverd it up, until now. (A/N sorry bout the random changes. The title is now Hurt and the pic changed too.)


3. he bit my lip!

     *Gracie's pov*

    "Omg, I can't BELIEVE THIS!" I said as harry lead me to his beach house. "Yea, its pretty big, hey, umm....the boys are coming over tonight, wanna hang around till they do?" He asked, with another one-of-a-kind smile. "Sure, why not." I said, acting like I didn't care. I just can't believe that I'm going to see the boys again! "Yea, you must be excited." Harry said. "What?" "You said you can't believe your seeing the guys again." Oh shit, I need to NOT say my thoughts aloud. "Yea, you do.""SHIT, you know, I think sometimes your just reading my mind!" I accused, playfuly "yea, maybe." He said with a wink. Still holding my hand, he leaned in for another kiss. I have no idea what I'm doing, before they left Zayn tried to sleep with me, I didnt, but they don't know that, he promised he wouldn't tell....wouldn't he keep his promise? I let harry kiss me. I had too, he's so damn sexy.

         *harry's pov*

      I leaned in for another kiss. It seemed that after thinking a while, she let me kiss her. We pulled away and I asked her "Are we like.......I don't know.....a couple now?" With hope in my eyes. "I don't know how the boys will react, let's keep this to ourselves." She said "but babe, they're gonna try and take you to their bed, I can't let that happen." "I can protect myself, I mean, its not like I'm gonna sleep with any of them, I'm still a virgin." I could NOT believe what I was hearing, zayn LIED to us because he KNOWS how I feel about gracie, ugh, I'm gonna kill him! Maybe he was trying to claim her for when we come visit? I don't know, either way, I'm gonna PRY it out of him, if its the last thing I do! All the sudden I heard a yelp, I forgot me and gracie started kissing again!

           *gracie's pov*

         I yelped, was he trying to kill me!? "Holy shit, I'm so sorry!" He said, looking at my bleeding lip. "It's fine, everyo e gets bit while kissing" I said, heading towards the front door "where are you going?" He asked "oh, I don't know this place, thought that was the bathroom, where is your bathroom?" I asked while I blushed, I looked like an idiot. "First on the left" he said, as he pointed down a hall "thanks hun" I said while walking to the bathroom. No biggie, I cleaned my lip and let it heal, wow, the sun was setting over the beach, harry put his arm around my waist, I kissed him on the cheek, I just could not WAIT till tonight.

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