Hi, my name is gracie and I'm 19, I met these 5 guys in high school senior year and thought i'd never see them again, i didnt want to, they hurt me. Ive been hurt ever since. I hide it though. I haven't told anyone my story, always coverd it up, until now. (A/N sorry bout the random changes. The title is now Hurt and the pic changed too.)


7. awkward (zayn and perrie making up)

         Zayn's pov

   What have I done? She's crying and me and her are always so happy. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! She's sitting there like she's, waiting for me to do something. But what? I need a girls opinion. I walked inside and found elenour and jade dancing.

"Ummm, guys?" I asked

"What, dick?" Elenour said

"Cut him some slack bitch. Grace is pretty" jade argued

"Ugh, whatever." Elenour sighed

"What zayn? We saw perrie crying. She told us everything." Jade said.

"Good, the thing is. Me and perrie are always so happy and I don't know what to do!" I almost yelled.

"Ok zayn. Calm down. Write her a song." Jade suggested

"That'll take forever. Just give her a good hard fuck. That's what me and louis do. We're famous so who cares?!" Elenour said

"Tmi" jade laughed

"That's gross...." I said.

"Ok then, don't do that bitch..." elenour snapped and left to get more beer

"Jeez, she's a spaz" jade sighed.

"But we still love her. For lou's sake." I said

"Yea." Jade added "so, need something to cheer her up still?" She asked.

"Yea, I'm still pretty confused." I admited

"Hmmmm" jade thought. "OH! I got it!" She screamed.

"Jeez, now who's the spaz?" I said and laughed. She laughed with me.

"Ok so. All you have to do is tell her the truth." Jade explained "tell her what happened. So what did happen?" She asked.

"Well..." I said, and told her the whole story.

"Wow, intense." Jade sighed. "Maybe the truth will work." 

"Maybe." I sighed. I walked outside to see some RANDOM GUY trying to rip of perrie's shirt. She was struggling and fighting him. It was so much to take in I acted out of instict...and punched the guy in the jaw.

"AAGGGHHH," the guy yelled. Perrie got up and ran to my arms crying. She hugged me and cried into my chest.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?" The guy yelled. "HER BROTHER?!?" He asked

"I'm her boyfriend you mother fucker. Now leave before I rip your dick off!" I said, calmy but serious.

"Fine thrn!" He licked his lips. "I'll get her ass someday. She's a sexy bitch man, good job." He said,then walked away


"IF YOU SAY SO!" He called back, got into a black van, and drove off.

"Holy shit." I mumbled as perrie cuddled closer to me.

"Zayn?" She whimperd

"Yes perrie." I said

"Thank you fr saving me, I was a bitch to you and you saved me. Why?" She asked

"Because perrie. I love you." I said

"I love you too" she said. Then we kissed for what felt like an hour, but was really five minutes. We walked back inside and a few minutes later haryy and olivia walked bak in. everything is back to normal. Except one thing (get it, lol) I can't stop thinking about the kiss. What if, I don't love perrie. What if I love Gracie?

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