Hi, my name is gracie and I'm 19, I met these 5 guys in high school senior year and thought i'd never see them again, i didnt want to, they hurt me. Ive been hurt ever since. I hide it though. I haven't told anyone my story, always coverd it up, until now. (A/N sorry bout the random changes. The title is now Hurt and the pic changed too.)


13. am I not going?

   Gracie's pov

I got home after that whole thing with niall and hear....moaning? I close the door gently and walk to me and harry's room. I can feel my face brun red and I slam the door open. And there it is, harry on top of the whore we call veronica who is obviously intoxicated. The girl screams and harry's face turns a deep red.

"Grace, i-" I stop him

"Don't, harry! This isn't the first time you hurt me, I'm used to it. You may not notice, but you hurt me, all the time. You hurt me harry. Where only I can see. And with this same girl! I'm going to sleep at niall's place." I scream at him.

"Why niall's?" He asks struggling to put his boxers on.

"Because, that's where the only person tha cares about me is. Jess." I say and put my shoes back on.

"Gracie come on! I do care about you!" He chases after me.

"SURE, HARRY!" I scream.

"Harry, she's leaving. Just come back." Veronica says.

"Not now, veronica!" He yells and I storm out onto the beach. I head for the street and remember I left my phone. I walk back and he sighs in relief but when I walk past him and grab my phone he tenses up.

"Gracie, don't leave me!" He yells.

"Goodbye, harry!" I scream and run for my car. I know that if I look into those eyes. Those green eyes, I'll have to forgive him. But not this time, I'm done with his bull shit. I'm done. I climb into my car and start it. I pull onto the street and call jess. By this time, I was crying.

"Hello?" She picks up.

"Jess." I say, my voice weak.

"Oh my fucking god, why are you crying?!" She asks.

"He, he did it again. He hurt me" I sob.

"I'm going to fucking kill him. Where are you?" She asks.

"I'm on my way to you and niall's place." I tell her.

"Okay, I'll be waiting when you get here. I'm so sorry gracie." She says.

"Its okay. Its not your fault." I tell her.

"Cya soon." She says.

"Bye" I reply and hang up. I drive in complete silence because with my luck a sad song will be on the radio. I get there and jess rushes out to hug me. I get out and she immediatly embraces me. I cry onto her shoulder. This is what I needed. A friend. Someone who cares. Harry has been calling me the whole hour drive here but I can't handle him right now. Jess leads me inside and to the guest room.

"Thanks, jess." I say.

"No problem, if you need anything ask me or niall." She smiles and walks out of the room. Her smile makes me feel a little better but, now I'm left alone in here with my thoughts. Why would he do this? He said he loved me. Was he lying? Was this whole thing a game? What is going on? I need to call him. That's a bad idea. We need to talk about this in person, but I'm too weak right now. I finally drift to sleep.

    Harry's pov

Fuck. She wasn't supposed to be home. Yea she fucked up by kissing zayn but, mine was way worse.

"Harry, baby, come to-"

"Don't fucking call me that." I hissed at her.

"You didn't seem to mind it before." She purred.

"Shut up, veronica." I yelled and ran my fingers through my hair. She got up and started to dress.

"Call me when you're done being a prick" she said and walked out of the door. She can be so fucking annoying sometimes. I don't know why I did it. I guess I was so caught up about tomorrow that I....wait....tomorrow. shit. What if gracie doesn't want to come. I mean, why not. She said she wouldn't be anywhere else but that was before I made a douche move. I'm such a fucking idiot.

you hurt me harry. Where only i can see.

her voice was playing over and over in my mind. I hurt her? I hurt her. Its clear now. In high school i told her thay she was worthless because she wouldnt sleep with me. Again i told her that she didnt mean anything to me, wich was a lie. Then I started dating this girl, that gracie hated so much if she had the chance she would kill her. I would kiss her and tell her i loved her in front of gracie. Worse part, the girl was veronica. And now I've hurt her again. I need to get some sleep. I'm going to try and call gracie one more time. I pick up my phone and dial her number.

"Hey, you've reached gracie! I can't come to the phone right now because I'm either working or sleeping. Leave a message at the beep!" Her answering machine giggled. I miss her laugh, and her smile.

"Uhm, hey grace. Call me back, please. We need to talk. I'm sorry, just. Call me back" I said and hung up. I am so tired right now, I could use my blood for a tranquilizer. I climbed into bed and almost instantly fell asleep.

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