best friends (niall horan fanfic)

Stephanie Adraneda is 18 and her bestfriend is niall horan. but what happens when he auditions on x-factor? read and find out


7. ugh school.


ugh school I hate Monday mornings. I went in the hot shower. after that I put on a uk shirt , white converse,and white skinny jeans. I let my hair down this morning. I noticed it was early so I checked my twitter usual as always, and I checked my profile and got a lot of followers some mentioned niall. kittykat46@ are u and niall dating? niallanator@ niall and u bffs are so cute. woah there im not dating niall plus were only bestfriends. I drove to school an I walked down the hallway to see my bully Justin. yes THE JB. his fans dosent know he is my bully. "hey stupid Asian" Justin says as he tries to punch me but misses and I grabbed his arm twisted and he fell down with pain. next I kicked him in the private spot. "do that again and I will get and knife stab you next time." I said giving him a glare. wait what did I just do? I beat up my bully. awesome mission accomplish! heheh. then I saw my friend destiny. she greeted me with a hi and a hug. then we both walked to math class. my math teacher mr. guernensy has been my teacher ever since the 5th grade. oh well. I passed a note to destiny saying I miss niall. she passed it back and said don't worry I will come with u to the mall at the signing im sure he will rememeber you.

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