best friends (niall horan fanfic)

Stephanie Adraneda is 18 and her bestfriend is niall horan. but what happens when he auditions on x-factor? read and find out


11. texting niall

Stephanie pov

I started to text niall about his apology.

S-Stephanie N-niall

S-I forgive niall don't do anything stupid again.

N- thank you hey you wanna meet up sometime? I have 2 days off.

S-sure when and where and what time?

N-tommarow at nandos at 7:00pm

S- wait a minute, are you asking me out?

N-ummm I guess so wait don't go to nandos I will pick you up.

S-ok then see you tomarrow xoxo holy shit! niall my bestfriend asked me out! I have to get ready! stupid Stephanie its tomarrow not today. ughhh. damn I forgot about destiny. I texted her.


S-Hey im sorry of what happened in the car.

D-who do u think u are? just treating me like that? plus im not saving u at school tomarrow I never even got Louis autograph! goodbye steph im done with u.  omgeez what just happened.

ughh I hate my life.




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