best friends (niall horan fanfic)

Stephanie Adraneda is 18 and her bestfriend is niall horan. but what happens when he auditions on x-factor? read and find out


6. staying home

Stephanie pov

I drove home from the mall and set my shopping bags in my room. what a day. I walked to the fridge to get a tub of ice cream. ugh tomarow is Monday and that means I have school. school without niall? otherwise I would get bullied.  anyway I walked with the tub of icecream in my hand and turned on the tv. I was watching keeping up with the kardashians. khloe is monster just kidding. I changed the channel again and it was E! news. it was one direction didn't pass and they were in the 3rd place. I think I missed an episode of X-factor. then a guy said that simon cowell gave them a signing to be famous! wow I just missed all of that I texted niall.


S-hey niall I missed an episode of x-factor your famous!

N-yeahh lol I miss u a lot bff

S-so what u guys doing?

N-nah not that much like we are doing a signing autos by the mall in 2 months.

S-2 months????!!! wow I just wanna go to the park like we always do.

N-hey I gotta go see u in 2 months.

S-what about school? im gonna get bullied.

N-don't worry xoxo

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