best friends (niall horan fanfic)

Stephanie Adraneda is 18 and her bestfriend is niall horan. but what happens when he auditions on x-factor? read and find out


14. my date with niall PART 2


we arrived at a  5 star restaurant. niall took my hand and walked in and sat in our seats.

"so this is where you brought me here I should've known" I said bummed out."hey just beacause we ate here since the 4th grade dosent mean you can blame yourself." niall said cheering me up. a really familiar waitress came to our table."hi my name is sarah kurth and I will be taking your order."sarah said. "sarah is that you? u work here?" I said shocked."Stephanie? and holy crap is that niall horan?"sarah said really surprised. "you guys know eachother?" niall added in.

"ok whatever Stephanie want?" sarah asking my order."umm I will have a chicken fillet with corn on the side with a small stake."i said ' "um I will have the same order." niall said really hungry. "ok your order will come in about 10 minutes. then sarah walked away with a grin on her face. "how do you guys know each other? niall questions. "well I bumped into her at school." then sarah handed us our food. I was talking to niall and he finished his fillet."how diid you finish that in exactly 2minutes?" I said surprised. "idk I jst do." niall said with steak in his mouth.

AUTHORS NOTE: hey guys im getting a little tired and I will update as soon as possible.



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