best friends (niall horan fanfic)

Stephanie Adraneda is 18 and her bestfriend is niall horan. but what happens when he auditions on x-factor? read and find out


4. bad news


I was shocked cuz niall didn't get picked. I felt really bad for him. wait someone just called these five names niall horan harry styles liam payne Louis Tomlinson and zayn malik and some other girls I did not know what was happening. then a judge said they would like to put us in a band. they roared with cheer and I was crying tears of joy. omgeez he got picked! I texted him and said your in a band! he txted back saying I know im gonna be famous! to be honest  I think he is going to be a lucky lad.


oh my potatoes im in a band! gee im get so lucky sometimes. I texted Stephanie and in got so excited and sad at thsame time because I miss Stephanie we are best friends forever. anyway I met Louis,harry,zayn,and liam. well that's cool. harry made a name for us we are one direction! nice name. I cant bealive im almost close to being famous. anyway me and the boys stayed at harrys house to get to know eachother. well Louis Tomlinson is so dang funny! geez guess im gonna get my guitar."you play guitar?" harry asked. my answer was yup. I played a couple songs and me and the lads decided to swim in the pool.


well niall hasent texted me for a while. then I decided to go to the mall to get m mind off of things.

I went to American eagle to get a red shirt with a small blue eagle on it. next I went to forever 21 and bought some uk hoop earings and a lot of difrent colered heels. then I stoped. I went to the food court and walked to starbucks. "hi can I have a cookie crumble cappochino?" then I payed and sipped my coffee checking my twitter. niall and the other boys got and lot of followers lately

AUTHORS NOTE:by the way happy birthday harry! and I gotta type this later cuz im about to pick up my dad from work. by my little carrots.

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