best friends (niall horan fanfic)

Stephanie Adraneda is 18 and her bestfriend is niall horan. but what happens when he auditions on x-factor? read and find out


9. AUTHORS NOTE important read!

hey guys Stephanie here on the 13th or 20th chapter there will be a surprise so anyone that reads my fanfic just coment down bellow and I will choose 2 girls to be in my story. so yeah the deadline is in I think 2 weeks so if anyone that dosent comment I will just choose randomly. SO THANKYOU FOR READING THIS AND GOODLUCK! oh and type in 2 girls either your friend or whatever. BYE MY LITTLE CARROTS. the rules are down below. my fanfic

2.type in to names has to be girls.

3.cant be a boy

4.deadline 2 weks


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