A Dream Come True

**Justin is famous in this story** When you love somebody you would do anything for them. Weather it's a famous person who is your idol, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your family, your friends, anyone. You would do anything to stick up for them of someone is saying crap about your loved ones. That is exactly what Hannah does for her idol Justin Bieber. Everybody gives him hate on all these social media sights and she decides to take a stand. And her stand does not go unnoticed.


1. Just Another Belieber

*Hannah's P.O.V*

    I was sitting on the couch watching E! News as they were yet again talking crap about Justin Bieber. Yes, I am a fan of Justin and yes, I will defend him. Yes what he did was bad but its not the first time someone in the united states has smoked pot. And its not the first time someone who is not from America has smoked pot either. Drake does it I'm sure and he is Canadian just like Justin. 


     After they were done ripping on Justin for something almost every celeb does, I got on twitter to defend him as always. "@HannyAnny: tonight it's E! news to talk crap. #LeaveJustinAlone !!" And anyone who uses twitter knows that one tweet just isn't enough. "@HannyAnny: I don't understand why people choose to hate on the innocent." "@HannyAnny: @justinbieber has done nothing bad. Almost all celebs smoke pot. Get over it." "@HannyAnny: I always have and always will support and defend you @justinbieber" "@HannyAnny: #Love #Support #LoveForever #BelieverForLife"


     After my rant on twitter was over I decided to go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I know that all of my so called friends are gonna rip on me for still liking Justin and defending him on twitter again. They just don't understand what Justin has done for me. Because of Justin I am still here today. I think it's time to tell you a little about my past. When I was in the 8th and 9th grade I was very suicidal. My brother had killed himself when I was in the 4th grade I was still having a hard time dealing with it. I used to cut and it got really bad. I was thinking of killing myself so I could see my brother again. Then one day I decided to surf the YouTube-verse. I found little Justin and him singing. I would listen to him over and over. His voice and soothing personality is what stopped me from cutting and having those horrible thoughts about killing myself. That was 5 years ago. Now I'm 18 and a senior in high school. I'm only a year younger then Justin.


     The next morning I got up and ready for school. I wore my "Belieber For Life" purple sweatshirt today. I got into my purple Dodge Challenger and drove to school. I'm so glad I only have to be here for 2 more weeks. I'm so ready to graduate. I pulled up in the school's parking lot and the bell rang for homeroom. I sat with my best friend Sydnee, her boyfriend Clay, and my boyfriend Craig.


Syd: So Han, did you see Bieber's latest mishap.

Me: Syd just leave him alone please. I'm not in the mood today.


     The rest of the day went by like that. After school Syd, Clay, Craig and I went to hang at the mall. We were sitting in the food court so I got on Twitter. "@HannyAnny: I wish every one would just leave @justinbieber alone. #DefendingHimIsMyFullTimeJob #NotComplaining #LoveHim" I twitted a couple other things before Craig came and sat beside me.


Craig: Han I love you but I can hardly stand you twitting Bieber more than you tweet me. You tell him you love him more than you tell me.

Me: Well I'm sorry that he was there when I needed some one and you were not.


     Craig and I have been dating since the 7th grade but he was really distant when I went through that really bad time in my life. Justin's music was there and that's all I needed. Craig really didn't say much to me after that. We haven't been in the green with our relationship anyway. Maybe we should break up?


Me: Hey babe. Can I talk to you?

Craig: Sure hun, whats up?

I pulled him to the side and told Sydnee that we would meet up with them in a sec.

Me: Do you think our relationship is a healthy one?

Craig: Yeah. Why?

Me: We have been fighting a lot and I think we should take a break for a little. 

Craig: Why would you say that? I don't want to loose you Hannah.

Me: Craig, you and I both know that we are not in good standings. Just for a little. Give me time to think.

Craig: Were still friends right?

Me: Of course!


     We went to go meet back up with Sydnee and Clay. After telling them that we decided to take a break for a little and shopping at a couple more stores Sydnee and I went back to my house. She was staying tonight. 


     We were laying in my bed and I was of course on Twitter. "@HannyAnny: Welp..I just broke up w/ my boyfriend b/c he didn't like that I was a fan of @justinbieber" "@HannyAnny: I'm feel heartbroken but I Know all I got to do is listen to some of @justinbieber 's music" I was about to log off twitter and go to bed when a notification popped up on my screen....

"@justinbieber: Hey @HannyAnny , don't worry about that jerk. I'm always gonna be here for you! <3 #IseeYou #Love #StayStrong" And if that wasn't enough...I has a DM.....From Justin....

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