A Dream Come True

**Justin is famous in this story** When you love somebody you would do anything for them. Weather it's a famous person who is your idol, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your family, your friends, anyone. You would do anything to stick up for them of someone is saying crap about your loved ones. That is exactly what Hannah does for her idol Justin Bieber. Everybody gives him hate on all these social media sights and she decides to take a stand. And her stand does not go unnoticed.


5. Graduation Week

*Hannah's P.O.V*

I looked at syd as she stood there.

Syd: who was that?

Me: uh that was my friend Pam.

Syd: Pam who?

Me: Pam like the girl I met when I went with my mom to her old friends house in Atlanta.

Syd: oh that's her name. I couldn't remember.

Wow, I'm so glad I have friends that are not all there. If I keep this up for a long time they will eventually catch on but for now I'm in the clear.

Sydnee went and sat on the island in the kitchen.

Syd: what's for dinner sweet thing?

I laughed and told her spaghetti. We sat down at the table and ate dinner.

*Justin's POV*

I gave Hannah my number and we txted for a little bit. We made code names for each other to keep whatever it is we have on the down low. There really isn't a point for code names tho because I'm planning on a big trip to Ohio and being there for her graduation. I contacted her school to ask if I could speak at graduation. I would do it free of cost and they accepted right away. It's all coming together. I asked if they could not tell anybody tho. They think it's because of the paps. It's really so I can surprise Hannah.

I was sitting on my couch thinking of Hannah. It's really all I can ever do now a days. She is on my mind 24/7. I really wonder what her voice sounds like. I looked down at my phone to see I've dialed her number. I don't even remember doing it. I took it as a sign tho and pressed the call button. It rang twice and then her beautiful voice rang thru my ears. I was breathless.

She was shocked when I told her it was me. The line was silent for a while. I asked her a question just so I could her the beautiful voice she had and she giggled. Her giggle was music to my ears. I told her that too. Then she rushed off the phone calling me the code name. I wonder who was there?

I txted her asking if everything was alright and for her to txt me back when she could. I hope she answers soon tho. This week needs to hurry up because this weekend I get to see the girl of my dreams.

*Hannah's POV*

After syd and I finished dinner she went home. I went upstairs to change and get my phone. I had a txt from Justin and notifications from his twitter. I looked at the txt first and txted him back saying how sydnee walked in for dinner. Then I went on twitter to creep on his tweets.

@justinbieber: the weekend couldn't come any faster!

@justinbieber: why is tomorrow only Monday!

@justinbieber: is there a fast forward button for this week?

@justinbieber: VERY IMPORTANT things coming up this weekend! I can hardly wait! Can ya tell?!?!?

I laughed at his tweets wondering what his big plans for the weekend were. My phone pinged and it was a txt from Justin, well Pam haha.

From Pam: I see I see. So what's goin on now beautiful?

How could you not like this man?!

To Pam: absolutely nothing is goin on lol I'm bored.

From Pam: well if I was there you wouldn't be bored(;

To Pam: you perv! :P

From Pam: only for you(;

To Pam: lmfao. ANYWAY...what's all this hype about this weekend?

From Pam: ohh just some new music stuff.

To Pam: oh that's cool. I graduate this weekend! I'm super excited! And Mr. Wags, the principle, said we have a really special guest speaker coming but won't tell us who :/

From Pam: that's awesome. Who do you think it is?

To Pam: I don't know...Ellen or someone lol I'm just excited that the person is famous lol


*Hannah's POV*

I was laying in bed talking to Jay on the phone. Yeah I have a nickname for him. I'm the only one allowed to call him that and he is the only one allowed to call me Han. Anyway. We were talking, well I was doing most of the talking, about graduation tomorrow. I'm so excited! I can't believe that day is finally here. I've always looked forward to the day I graduate, but now that it's here I just want time to freeze.

This week has been so hectic. I've had to get my cap and gown, go to practice for the ceremony, practice my speech since I'm valedictorian, get an amazing graduation dress, and the list goes on. So much stress. I've been on the phone with Jay for like 2hrs now just telling him all my stress. He just listens. He is such a good guy. I think I might be starting to like him a little...as more than a friend.

Me: Jay. I have to speak tomorrow. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm kinda freaking out man!!

Jay: Han just calm down. Take a deep breath.

He paused and I took a deep breath. And let it out. Just hearing his voice makes me calm.

Jay: good. Now do you feel better?

Me: Much! Thanks Jay.

Jay: your welcome babe. Hey I got to go. Scooter is yelling at me but I'll txt you later okay?

Me: okay bye Jay!

I feel so much better now. And I know that if I talk to him before I have to speak tomorrow then I will be okay. Wait. Did he call me babe on the phone? Well I'm not complaining but what? Hearing him say that only makes me want him more. I wish stuff like that would happen to me. That only happens in disney movies and movella stories tho! Ha!

I was reading my speech for like the hundredth time trying to memorize it so it would be easier tomorrow. My phone rang and I had an email. It was Mr. Wags. He told me that I would get a chance to meet our guest speaker after graduation. Since they were famous not a lot of people get to meet them. It's just the class officers and me since I'm valedictorian. I'm even more excited/nervous for tomorrow now. I'm just gonna go to sleep now to get a good nights rest. Tomorrow is a big day.


I woke up with a txt from Jay.

From Jay: Good morning beautiful! Today is your big day. Take a deep breath and run over your speech about 4 more times before you leave your house like I know you will(: EVEN THOUGH you already have it down! Haha you got this in the bag. It's just a little 5-6 min speech and everyone listening loves you. You'll do great. I'm really busy today so that is why this message is so long. I won't be able to talk to you before you go. Good luck! You got this! Have an amazing swaggy day beautiful!(;

I was smiling and had a little tear in my eye when I was done reading the message. He is honestly the best friend anyone could have. I'm so glad he started talking to me. We only have talked for about 2 weeks but we know each other like we have been friends since diapers! I'm so thankful for how close we are.

Now that I have spent about a half hour think about Jay and reading his message I'm running late. I got to get ready and get to the school!


*Justins POV*

I read over my message about 4 times before sending it. I felt really nervous today. I know I'm meeting Hannah today. I usually don't get nervous about anything. This girl is doing something to me and I think it's for the good.

I heard a knock on my hotel room door. It was scooter. He told me I had 20min before I had to be up at the school. I ran to get dressed and we were gone in 10min. Man it's a good thing I'm a man. Ha!

I got to the school and they put me in the choir room. They said it's the only room that is good for hiding people after school hours. I don't know what that's supposed to mean. Kinda sounds a little creepy. I'm going to meet Hannah and the other people after the ceremony. That's good. At least she won't be even more nervous for her speech. And she won't know I'm there until after because I'm after her speech. Everything works out.


As I sit here listening to Hannah's speech I get nervous. I know that after she gets done she is going to see me. I don't know what her reaction is going to be and I don't know if I'm going to be able to talk without looking at her. I know I if I look at her, if our eyes meet, I won't be able to let go of the stare. I have to look everywhere but her.

As Hannah's speech comes to a close she makes a reference to Believe and it makes me smile. I'm honored to be in her speech and it brings me comfort because she is in mine.

Mr. Wags announces me to the stage and there are a lot of gasps and screams. I was glad to see that everyone stayed in their seats though. I know I shouldn't but I look around to see Hannah's reaction. Her mouth and eyes are wide open. I know she is in shock that I'm that surprise guest celeb that she was so excited to meet.

All through my speech I stay calm and barley look at Hannah. Then comes the part where I mention her.

"As you go through the rest of your life you will find that it is harder and harder to find friends that truly want to be your friend for you. A lot of people will try to use you and you have to see that ahead of time. I know I'm not that older that you guys. Actually I'm probably 2yrs older than you all. And I know that I am famous and you guys arnt but it's the same way. I just meet a friend online. I know it's a shock. Why is the Justin Bieber meeting people online? Well this is one person I'm glad I met. We have been talking to each other for about 2 weeks now and they know more about me than anyone else does. It's crazy how close And how much I trust them with my deepest secrets when I haven't even hung out with them. Only txted back and forth or called each other. Yes I still call people. Haha. On the bright side I get to hang out with them very soon. Anyway I want to close my speech with this. Be careful who you trust. Live your life the way you want. Be you because everyone else is taken. Never say never! Haha and congratulations graduating class of 2014!" I smile and walk off stage back to the choir room. The only thing left for them to do is get their diplomas then the student officers and Hannah will come into meet me.

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