A Dream Come True

**Justin is famous in this story** When you love somebody you would do anything for them. Weather it's a famous person who is your idol, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your family, your friends, anyone. You would do anything to stick up for them of someone is saying crap about your loved ones. That is exactly what Hannah does for her idol Justin Bieber. Everybody gives him hate on all these social media sights and she decides to take a stand. And her stand does not go unnoticed.


3. Flirting

*Justin's P.O.V*


     I was scrolling thru my twitter mentions because I was in a boring meeting with mom and scooter about something, I wasn't really paying attention, when that name came up again. She was defending me and showing the love like she always does. Sure a lot of my beliebers do that but she was different. I don't know how but she was. A good kind of different. I want to get to know her. I tweeted her back and DMed her telling how thankful I was for her support and telling her that I would be here whenever she needed me. I know it was pretty out there. Normal beliebers would freak out and blast a reply from me out of the water but I just had this feeling she was different.


     She DMed me back and I could tell she was kinda shy and in shock. I'm gonna prove to her I'm legit. I told scooter and mom about her and had them follow her. After the meeting was over I went to hang out with some friends. I told them about her to and had all them follow her. I followed her to of course and then made it so every time she tweets I get a notification for them. She tweeted a couple tweets and I favorited them and then replied. You might say I kinda like this girl and I don't really know anything about her. Am I crazy? Maybe but I don't care. I'm gonna get to know her.


     I DMed her back telling her this was all real and answering all her questions. I added some little stuff to make the message a little flirty but not to much. I gave her my snapchat. I can't believe I trust this girl enough to give out personal info like this. Then again I can believe it. I told her she might have some surprises. I'm going to try to fly her out to LA to see me. Or maybe I'll just go to her. I'm not sure yet.


     She DMed me back almost instantly. She could tell I was trying to flirt. She also told me that she didn't really like surprises. But I might be the exception. I really hope I am. She added me on snap and snapped me. She is beautiful. Her caption was about how it was really late where she was at. Which is in Ohio. She didn't tell me that I just know. I did creep on her a little. Don't judge. And she told me good night. I snapped her back, by this time I was back at my house layin in my bed. The time is only 3hrs different, she's ahead. My caption to her was a goodnight and I sent kissy faces. Am I trying to hard?


     I went to bed with a smile on my face. I haven't done that since I was with Selena and that was a while ago. HannyAnny is different. She makes me feel something I didn't with Selena. I don't know this feeling. I know I really like Hanny tho. Let's see where this leads.


     I woke up the next morning in a really good mood. I opened my snapchat and had a good morning snap from Hanny. I smiled and snapped her back. I went and got a shower and dressed for the day. I was putting the gel in my hair when my phone went off. I looked down and it was a tweet from Hanny. I finished my hair and washed my hands then looked at the tweet. "@HannyAnny: Mall time with the bestie! <3 @SydneeIsMe" I clicked on Sydnee's name and followed her too. I creeped on her a little then tweeted. "@justinbieber: on a mission today! #surprises" "@justinbieber: hope I can pull this one off. Well hope I'm allowed. #BusySchedule #NeedTimeOff"


     Now I'm off to another meeting with Scooter and mom. I honestly don't know what these meetings are about. This one I'm gonna ask about this surprise for Hanny tho. My hope is that all works out and it will....because I'm Justin Bieber.


*Hannah's P.O.V*


     I woke up in a really good mood today. I love this feeling. Sydnee and I decided to go to the mall. Were meeting Clay there I think. I kinda hope Craig doesn't show up. He is part of our group tho. It's just gonna be really awkward!!


     We got there went to the food court, that's our meeting place. We found Clay and Craig was with him. This was going to be a long day. Clay hugged me then Craig. We all went to go get lunch and sat at one of the tables. Clay and Sydnee sat on one side and me and Craig on the other side.


     I pulled out my phone and snapped Justin a pic of me and Craig with the caption 'Ex-boyfriend. So awkward! Help!! O.o' he sent me one back of him in his car with the caption 'On my Way! (;' I laughed at the snap and everyone looked at me. I didn't think I was that loud.


Clay: What are you laughing at?

Me: Uhh. Nothing. It was snapchat.

Syd: Who is snapping you?

Me: My sister.


     They nodded and went back to their food. I snapped Justin a pic of my Chinese food and he snapped me a pic of him making a sad face with the caption 'no fair! I want some! Share!! :P' I smiled and Craig's voice boomed in my ears.


Craig: How the hell did you get Justin Bieber's snapchat?!?!

I looked at him and I could feel Sydnee and Clay's eyes on me.

Syd: He gave you his snapchat too?!

I didn't know what to say....

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