A Dream Come True

**Justin is famous in this story** When you love somebody you would do anything for them. Weather it's a famous person who is your idol, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your family, your friends, anyone. You would do anything to stick up for them of someone is saying crap about your loved ones. That is exactly what Hannah does for her idol Justin Bieber. Everybody gives him hate on all these social media sights and she decides to take a stand. And her stand does not go unnoticed.


6. Everyone Meeting...

*Hannah's P.O.V*

I just got my diploma and the ceremony ended. I took pics with my friends and family. They were all so excited for me. I was taking a pic with my mom and dad when Mr. Wags came up to me. I got nervous. I knew it was time to go see Justin. I can't even believe this.

Wags: Congratulations Hannah. Very nice speech.

Me: Thank you sir.

Wags: You're very welcome. Ready to go meet Justin?

Me: Uhh, yeah.

I told my parents I would be at their house soon for celebratory dinner and followed Mr. Wags into the school. I passed the student counsel members as we walked. I guess we all went in separate.They hid him in the choir room? That's kinda ironic.

Justin was in his phone with his back to the door when I walked in. He was taking a selfie for shots so I got behind him quickly and photobombed his pic. He posted it and looked at it again and noticed I was in it.

Justin: Hey!

He turned around and smiled at me then got up from the chair and attacked me in a huge hug. I laughed and hugged him back. We pulled away and sat side by side in the chairs.

Me: Why are you here? Well I mean, like why didn't you tell me you were going to speak at my graduation?

Justin: I wanted to surprise you. Happy Graduation!

He said with a smile and I laughed and laid my head on his shoulder. I could hear him smile as he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.

Me: It's amazing how comfortable I feel around you. Your like THE Justin Bieber and I meet you for the first time and my head is on your shoulder and we're holding hands. We only talked for like 2 weeks and we are already this close. Your speech, which I think was about me, we so true. And I feel like I'm talking way to much.

Justin: No, your not talking enough. I love hearing your voice. And I love how close we are too. You don't see me as 'THE Justin Bieber', you see me as Jay. I like that. I like that your head is on my shoulder and we're holding hands.

We heard the door rattle and we both jumped away from each other. His body guard came in and told is we need to wrap it up. We both nodded and he shut the door again.

Me: So where are you staying? When are you leaving? Have any plans for tonight?

Wow Hannah, calm down. You sound like a creep. He just smiled with an amused look on him face.

Justin: I'm staying in a hotel. Not sure when I'm leaving, I came here to spend time with you. And I don't have any plans for tonight.

Me: Well, sense you wanted to spend time with me, why don't you just stay at my house so you don't have to spend extra money. And you can come to my parents with me for dinner tonight. You can just follow me.

Justin: I think that sounds perfect. I'll just tell my team where I'm staying in case they need me. I'll have them still stay in the hotel tho so we can have time to ourselves. (; I'll meet you in the parking lot so I can follow you.

We both got up and walked to the door. I opened the door and wasn't paying attention to where I was going and walked right into his body guard.

Me: Oh my. I'm so sorry sir.

BG: No no. I'm sorry. My names Kenny, you must be Hannah?

Me: Yeah. How did you know..?

Kenny: Justin talks about you a lot.

I smiled and turned around to look at Justin. His face was kinda red and he was scratching the back of his neck looking at the ceiling. I laughed and walked out to my car to wait for Justin.


Me: Mom! I'm here! And Hungry!

I laughed and walked to the kitchen while Justin was hiding in the living room. I looked in the kitchen and saw my mom, dad, sister(Tasha), her husband(Aaron) and kids, and Sydnee.

Me: So we are gonna need one more place to sit. I've brought a friend with me.

When I said that Justin came around the corner and wrapped his arm around my waist. Sydnee gasped and my niece screamed and ran up to him. Justin picked her up and spun her around.

Justin: Hi cutie. What's your name?

Alivia: Alivia. I'm 6!

Justin: That's a really big number!

Alivia: It's a whole hand!

Justin: Plus one!

He laughed and so did I. Alivia just smiled. That's when my nephew ran up to me so I picked him up.

Justin: Hey buddy. What's your name?

Aadon: Aadon. I'm 5.

Justin: That's a whole hand too!

Aadon: Yupp. Hey do you like trucks?

Justin: I love trucks. Really big ones!

Aadon: Me too! Wanna see my daddy's truck?

Me: After dinner you, liv, and Justin can play before bedtime okay? Let's go eat. I'm starving.

Alivia and Aadon got down from our arms and Justin and I went to sit at the table together. Mom, dad, Sydnee, Tasha, and Aaron just stared at us.

Me: Okay guys. We can ask questions later. I'm really hungry!

Justin laughed beside me as well as the rest if the table. We started to eat and I was in heaven.

About half way through dinner the questions started.

Sydnee: Let's see how many questions you guys can answer in 5 minutes. I have a timer on my phone.

I looked at Justin with my 'I'm sorry' face. He just smiled at me and put his hand on my leg under the table and squeezed it gently.

Justin: Game on.

Sydnee: GO!

Tasha: How did you guys meet?

J&I: Twitter

We both looked at each other and laughed but the questions continued.

Aaron: Why are you here?

Justin: I spoke at Hannah's graduation. You were there....

Tasha: Why are you at dinner?

Me: I invited him.

Dad: Where are you staying?

Me: My house.

Dad: Why

Me: I invited him.

Sydnee: Can I sleep over tonight.

J&I: No.

We both laughed at each other again and Sydnee looked mad but kept the questions going.

Sydnee: How long you in town?

Justin: I'm on break for 3 months. Don't know how long I'll stay.

Sydnee: 30 SECONDS!

Mother: Do you like each other?

J&I: Yes.

The timer rang signaling time was up. Everyone looked at us. It started to get awkward. Justin's hand was still on my leg and he squeezed again.

Me: Aadon, Liv, let's go play! Justin and I are leaving soon.

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