Criminal like you

Elena took a favor from a friend. She didn't realize how bad the favor was until she had to hide a criminal from people who want to kill him. Her life is threatened because of this man; Niall James Horan.


3. Wanted

"So, what did you do?" I asked as I sat down on the couch crossing my legs and sipping my hot coffee. "Something you'll never like to hear." He started to untied his shoes. "I've done a whole lot of things that I regret but I am not afraid to face them." I rose my eyebrows at him. I'll get him to talk somehow, like I mean we're living under the same roof for gods sake. "I killed my father. With my bare hands. He beat the crap out of my mother and raped my sister. I was tired of his bullshit and I snapped his neck. We were rich then. The guards chased me out of the house. I managed to escape. But a few weeks later my house came up on the news it was on fire. My mother was shot to death and my sister was thrown off the roof. I'm being framed of killing them. They also think I raped my little sister since she didn't have her virginity when she died. Christina died protecting me." He looked down. "How did you know she died?" I asked before he could continue. "That's why she gave me to you. They found out that she was hiding me. You basically gave up your whole life for me." Niall silently thank me. I nodded. "Well it's not really risking my life when I can kill bare handingly." I smiled against my coffee cup. "yeah, how Is that?" He sat up with his elbows on his knees; leaning forward. "We all have our secrets." I winked. "But I told you what happened with me. It's your turn." He argued. "Well I didn't agree to anything so for now you'll have to wait for me to tell you." I switched off the t.v and went to my room. If I tell him who I really am than he'll be in even more danger. So when he is ready he'll know my past. But, my past as being an Ex Government Assassin it's very beautiful. So I'll try to delay telling him for a while. Or at least try to hide it. I heard him stomp into his room and slam his door. He'll get over it. I slid out of my sweats and tight Star Wars shirt. And laid in bed in just my undergarments. The cold blanket felt good against my skin. "Well hello, Elena." I heard Kilos voice call from a corner in my room. I reached under my pillow for my gun. "Don't worry it isn't there." I heard the smile in his voice. I reached over and turned the lamp on. Kilo limped his way over to the bed and sat by my legs. "I'm not here to hurt you. Just came to .... Visit." He covered his face with his hands. "What happened?" I asked as I crawled out from under the covers; totally forgetting I had no clothes on. "I was sent out on a mission and nearly died." He said with out looking up. "You mean to tell me that you were sent out on a suicide mission?" I touched a cut on his arm to which he jerked away from. He nodded. "Does anyone know you're alive?" I questioned as I ran to the bathroom in my bedroom. "Not that I know of." I came out with a wet wash cloth. "So, Lande thinks you're dead." I said more as a statement than a question. He winced as I placed it at the cut on his arm; wiping away the blood. "Lay down. Get some rest. We'll talk in the morning." I laid him down next to me and took off his shoes and shirt and pants. Leaving him in his boxers. "Thanks." He mumbled as he fell asleep next to me. Tons of questions and thoughts ran through my mind but I eventually was able to fall asleep.

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