Criminal like you

Elena took a favor from a friend. She didn't realize how bad the favor was until she had to hide a criminal from people who want to kill him. Her life is threatened because of this man; Niall James Horan.


5. Tales

"You need to tell me your background. Or at least give me something so I know what I'm dealing with here." Niall began as the movie ended. So he's ordering me now? I gave him a chuckle and shook my head. "I worked for bad people. I killed for a living. I was their best killer. That good enough for you?" I saw his eyes widen. See I knew he couldn't handle this. "So, you could kill me without regret?" His voice was shaky. "Well I would have some regret but I push my feelings away after my brother died." I shrugged my shoulders and picked myself up. "Where are you going?" Niall jumped up. "I need to take a shower. Tell me when the Pizza Dude gets here." I ordered over my shoulder. He gave me a small nod and went to the kitchen. The bathroom floor gave me chills up my spine. I moved quickly and turned on the hot water. I heard the doorbell rang and hurried to get dried. "WHERE IS SHE?!" A man yelled from downstairs. Shit. My feet took me down stairs. Close to twenty men stood in my livingroom. "You got to the count of five dead guys to leave." I slid my knife out of my bra strap. Ready to throw. They all bursted out in laughter. I tensed up as I glanced at Niall who was pinned against the counter. "Get away from him." I ordered and threw my knife at him. It slid right into the man's head. His life less body hit the ground with a nasty thump. "Niall come here now!"

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