Criminal like you

Elena took a favor from a friend. She didn't realize how bad the favor was until she had to hide a criminal from people who want to kill him. Her life is threatened because of this man; Niall James Horan.


4. Kilo

I stretched my arms to see if last night was just a dream. But I was wrong. Kilo still laid in bed next to me. Lande just lost one of his best assassins. "Yes, I'm still here." Kilo replied as my Hand came into contact with his face. I smiled to myself. I left a kiss on his lips and ran to Niall's room. He was still dead asleep. I grabbed a robe and tied the little belt thingy into a knot. "So who's in there?" Kilo asked as I shut Niall's door. "I'll tell you that later. For now let's make something to eat." I skipped down the stairs and saw that a man in all black was rummaging through my things. "Can I help you?" I placed my hands on my hips. The man froze in his place. I grabbed the back of his neck, smashed his face into the counter and threw him into the couch. "Why are you here?" I stood over him. He let a cry out in pain as I saw that I broke his nose. "Whoa! Elena! Stop!" Kilo ran in and pulled me off the guy. "What?!" I pushed him away and looked at the guy. "He's my nephew. You just best the crap out of a seventeen year old." Kilo sighed and helped the kid up. "So you're telling me that he's been here all night?" I wiped his blood off of me. "Pretty much. I told him to sleep on the couch." Kilo sat the boy down on the couch. So I guess my home is everyone's home. Great. Just great! I gave a frustrating sigh and threw my hands in the air. I heard Niall run down the stairs. His eyes grew wide as he saw Kilo and a bloody teenager. He took out his switch blade and ran in front of me. I chuckled. "What's so funny?" He asked as he backed me up into the table. "You didn't hesitate to protect me." I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his neck. "Now please move." I breathed on his neck. I felt him shiver at my touch. He nodded and sat down. "Kilo... Niall. Niall... Kilo." I introduced them. "Niall Horan?!" Kilo shrieked. Niall slowly nodded running a shaky hand through his hair. "Holy crap! I was suppose to kill you!" Kilo smiled at the last part. "Yeah well you're not now." I stepped in front of Niall without thinking. "Ha. Fighting with the famous Elena is a death wish I don't want to mess with." Kilo sat down at those words. Good choice. "Why are people scared of her?" I heard Niall ask as I pulled out some orange juice. "That woman right there took on twenty five men bare handingly." Kilo chuckled. Okay that wasn't my best day. I was super mad than. "Now kilo you're not telling my stories without me now are you?" I walked back into the livingroom and gave the teen a towel. "Let me put it back." I whispered to him. He nodded with a wince. I popped his nose back into place. He let a cry but I just placed the towel on his face. "Oh yeah his name is Klen." Kilo nodded to his nephew. "That's great. But kilo you guys aren't safe here." I sat with Niall. "Why not?" Kilo gave Klen a pat on his back. "There's people coming to kill Niall. They'll kill anyone that's in their way." I took a quick sip of my orange juice. Kilo nodded, "well it was great seeing you again." He gave me a quick hug and took Klen outside. They were gone within minutes. "Kilo?" Niall simply said as I washed my dish. "Yeaup. Kilo." I sighed and sat on the counter.

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