Everyone is matched with someone. Its just a matter of finding out who it is and if you actually want to be with them.


1. Prologue

Everyone has a match. When you are 8 you are given a tattoo. No one knows how the government matches people. They just, do. In my mind, I despise the idea of these matches we get. You are given the match to be with for the rest of your life. That is if you can find them, or if you even want to be with them. Your match could be on the other side of the world, or they could be your next door neighbor. No one knows until you see their tattoo that is printed on the inner side of their wrist. Every tattoo is distinct too. So only you and the other person have the same tattoo. You could get other tattoos also, but none look the same as the government issued ones. The government issued ones look to be apart of you. Completely imprinted into your skin, whereas the ones you get at a tattoo parlor look as they are just sitting on top of your skin.

Most people flaunt their tattoo, they let everyone know what it is and exactly what it looks like so if anyone sees their match they could tell them immediately. I think that is completely ridiculous. Love should not be something someone else chooses for you. Love should be found on its own. But no one else seems to think like I do. But that is probably because around 99% of the time, when people do meet their matches, they end up falling in love with them. It is rare to hear of someone spending the rest of their life with someone who is not their match. People are either with their match or alone seeking to find their match for the rest of their life.

But me, I disapprove of it all. I am 18. I am a senior in high school. My name is Cassidy Jones. I have a few friends at school. I am not a very popular girl, but I'm also not a nerd type girl. I'm kind of just, in the middle. The only person I hang out with outside of school is my friend Joey. He has been my best friend since I can remember. His parents and my parents are best friends so we are always hanging out and at each others houses. My parents are matched and so are his, like most other peoples. You get a lot of shit in school if people find out that you have parents that either aren't matched or you only have one parent and they didn't wait for their match to have a kid. Joey is also the only person other than my parents that has seen my tattoo. I keep it covered. I don't even like the idea of having a match. I wear a variety of bracelets to cover it every day. People are always asking me why I cover mine, but I just tell them that I want to be able to see who my match is before they see me. But that is a damn lie. I don't want a match at all. Again Joey is the only person who knows that also. Not even my parents know that. They would be beyond pissed if they found out also. They are always asking me if I want to go places and if I say no, they just say "What if you find your match there though". I literally want to just tell them to shut the fuck up that I don't want a match. But you know I can't do that.

A lot of teens date before they have found their match too. Some don't though. They say they want to save their "firsts" for their match. I've dated only one guy before, it was dumb. We dated in the 10th grade, I really liked him but he wasn't my match of course. Then one day after school he came over my house, with a girl... he found his match. I just congratulated him and went on my way. That night I thought I was okay, but I just broke down. Joey came over that night because he said he could hear me crying. That night was the first night I became intimate with someone, if you know what I mean, we had sex. I don't even know what happened, it just happened. We don't like each other like that. I mean he is like a brother to me. We agreed the next day to not speak of it again, that it was just to have experience for when we get older. I don't regret it in any way, shape, or form. I am actually really glad that I kind of got it done and over with so if I find someone that I want to do it with, I won't be completely inexperienced.

But no matter how much I disagree with the concept of us having "matches," I cant help to be curious... there is one person out there... looking for me, his match.

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