Under The Sea

This story is about Danielle, a mermaid, who falls for a human, Harry Styles.

Sorry not great with descriptions but the story will be a lot better.


4. That Girl

I woke up. Oh it's Saturday! Yeah! I'm going to the mall with the girls. I got up and out of my shell and quickly chose my clothes. I quickly brushed my teeth and I ate breakfast. After I finished that I grabbed my iSplash and texted the girls. They said they would be ready around 12:00. Right now it was 11:30. I quickly grab my potion thing I talked about earlier. I swam up to the land. I saw a human walking. He was walking towards me. I quickly swam lower and hid. He came into the water and swam. He had a tail too. Wait how many people are mermaids that I don't know of? Well, when he was gone I quickly ran to Lillian's house and got changed. I fixed my hair and makeup. When I finished I walked back to the sea side and saw the girls. They were ready. We walked to the mall that wasn't that far. The first store we went to was the Shoe Palace. I found some really cool shoes. They were bright red with black. They're Jordan's, expensive but so so pretty. I bought them along with some blue converse. When we were done I had gotten some shirts, (crop tops, tank tops, T-shirts, etc.) shorts, (high waisted shorts and plain shorts) jeans, shoes, perfume, and makeup. On our way home this guy tried “having his way” with us. I, luckily, fought him off, with the help of the girls, and Harry .

“Thanks Harry,” I smile. We are walking back to the beach. Before that we went to Lillian's house to put my stuff there.

“Yeah. No problem,” he smiled.

“Why are you always following me though?” I ask.

“I don't know you're just...different,” he says. I frown. “Good different.”

“Thanks,” I blush. My hair turned red/pink. Oh my gosh! Why now?

“Your hair is freaking me out!” he said worriedly.

“It freaks me out too but I got used to it,” I say.

“Umm Dani will you go out with me?” Harry asks me. I smile and nod. I hug him so tightly that I think I almost knocked the wind out of him. Maybe.

“So I'll take that as a yes?” he says more like a question. I nod like crazy. He leans in and kissed me. I hear whistling. I pull away and see everyone from my second period class: science. I grab my hoodie and swing it over my head before anyone could see my hair. Harry kisses me on the cheek one last time before he joins the guys. I walk home to Lil's house. I wanted to spend the night so I called my parents then I slept over. We did our nails, hair, and make up. May I say I did a good job. Ha ha ha ha no but seriously I think it's impossible to make that girl any prettier than she is now. She did a good job too though. I love her for it because after that we went to this place called Nando's. I saw Harry there with this really pretty girl. I can't help but wonder who is that girl and why is she with Harry?

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