Almost as pure as water

Alessia Burbank is not innocent. Her mom didn't know the truth, but still knew Alessia had done something. She is invisible, until her dad takes her to California, where he owns a Marine life research center. She bonds with the animals, and a certain hot guy. But things aren't perfect. You know what they say, the past comes back to haunt you. Will they rip her away from her new life? Can she convince her dad she is changed? How will she confess? Will she confess?
This girl, is not pure.


2. The set-up

She stood at Craig's door. "Alessia! What the heck are you doing here?" Alessia stood in the yard below his window with a case of spray paint and two sledgehammers and raised her eyebrows. "Come on Craig! Let's be young and dumb! Break things!" Craig climbed out at Alessia's words. Craig hotwired his dad's Volvo and the pair sped away. They spent the night smashing car hoods and windows and spray painting bad words on people's houses, and egging dog walkers. When Mrs. Peaano, the oldest lady on Craig's street, was egged while walking her mini Doberman, sirens sounded. "Holy crap! If we get caught they'll find out we don't have licenses!" Alessia exclaimed. "Worse: THAT WEVE BEEN VANDALIZING THE WHOLE STREET!" Craig said, then swore under his breath. They heard the police running behind them. "Quick! The hedge!" The two jumped behind a nearby hedge. "Come out! Put your hands up." The officer said on a megaphone. Some of the neighbors came out to see what had happened. Craig stood up. He was handcuffed and stood against the police car. Alessia took off.

"How could you?" Craig asked a week later "I'm going to military school because of you!" Alessia faced him. "I don't get it!" She said and threw her hands up. "It was your choice to go with me!" Craig shook his head and turned. "Baby," Alessia pleaded, holding his hand. Craig dropped Alessia's hand and pushed her away. "No, Alessia. Stop it. I can't do this anymore, why should I be with a girl who gets me in trouble and let's me take the blame." Alessia covered her shoulders. "What are you saying?" She asked, feeling hurt. "That this isn't working." Craig faced the wall. A tear rolled down Alessia's face. "I get it. I totally get it." Craig smiled. "Thanks! Now I'm kinda busy so..." Alessia headed for the door. When she was halfway out, she turned around. "Where's your bathroom?" She asked. Craig pointed. When Alessia washed her hands, she heard the doorbell. "Hey babe." She heard Craig say. "Hey." A girl replied. "So how'd it go?" "What?' "Remember that girl you broke up with? How'd she take it?" Craig laughed. "The day before the big setup, I asked her if she wanted to meet me at my window. Then my uncle who's a cop pretended to arrest me!" They laughed. Alessia walked out of the bathroom. "Thanks Craig." She said flirtily. She kissed him hard on the mouth then left.

Alessia woke up from the flash back.

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