The new girl.

This is Emma the new girl. After a move from California to Massachusetts, at her new school she is a target of bulling. Then suddenly someone asks her to the dance. She barely knows this person. Is it just a prank, or does he really want to go with her? Emma goes to tell him her answer but gets in a car accident! What will happen next?


7. The Weekend


          The weekend came and I was in the shower when I heard my bedroom door open. I have my own bathroom off of my bedroom. I finished getting dressed and peeked through the door. I saw that boy from school. I didn't know his name. I guess he came over. But why? My mom must of let him in. He left something on the bed and climbed out the window. When he was out of sight I looked through the window to see if he was still there. He was gone so I looked at the piece of paper he left on the bed. It was a note. I opened it to see it had said...


                   Dear Emma,

I have seen you around the school. I can't believe i'm doing this but...

        I've noticed little things about you and your really nice. I...I ...i like you. Do you think you would possibly go to the dance with me..




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