The new girl.

This is Emma the new girl. After a move from California to Massachusetts, at her new school she is a target of bulling. Then suddenly someone asks her to the dance. She barely knows this person. Is it just a prank, or does he really want to go with her? Emma goes to tell him her answer but gets in a car accident! What will happen next?


10. School

I went to school the next day, bussiness as usual, right? I tried my best to at least pretend to act like I was paying attention in class. However, of course, surprise science POP QUIZ. To give you my honest opinion I failed, like --F, if that's a possibility. then as I left science class I saw him. he just looked at me and smiled like nothing happened. Of course I just stood there looking like an idiot, then whas late to my next class. Then this afternoon I missed the bus and my parents had to pick me up. I was so embarrassed. I decided to take a long hot shower when I got home, I thought that might help. I slipped into my silk pj's and watched tv as I layed down. I decided I would go to the dance. Maybe I can have at least one good highlight of this school year. I'll tell Gabe tomorrow after school if I saw him.

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