The new girl.

This is Emma the new girl. After a move from California to Massachusetts, at her new school she is a target of bulling. Then suddenly someone asks her to the dance. She barely knows this person. Is it just a prank, or does he really want to go with her? Emma goes to tell him her answer but gets in a car accident! What will happen next?


3. First Day

   It was time to put on my clothes and go to school. Yay. I was going to take thebus today. I sat in an empty seat in the back. I had finally gotten to my first class. Math. Then Science. Then I took Spanish. Finally it was time for lunch. Great just Great. I was about to sait at a table with a girl I met in math named Ava. " hi Ava" I said.

" hey your Emma the new girl right" I heard someone say.

"yeah" I said as I turned around.

" hey I'm Angie wanna sit with me" She said

" yeah sure " I replied " hey Ava I'll see you later.

i followed Angie to a table it seemed like the " Cool Kidz" Table.


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