The new girl.

This is Emma the new girl. After a move from California to Massachusetts, at her new school she is a target of bulling. Then suddenly someone asks her to the dance. She barely knows this person. Is it just a prank, or does he really want to go with her? Emma goes to tell him her answer but gets in a car accident! What will happen next?


2. Finally Home... I Guess

       I had finally gotten to my new house. Tomorrow wasmy first day of school. So I tried to unpack my clothes and put them all away. The moving truck wouldn't be here till tomorrow. So I only had a suit case of clothes. I picked out a mini skirt a half sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt. I picked out some red converses. I almost forgot my bra and underwear. So I picked out some frilly bra and underwear. It was the only one I could find so...

     But thank goodness I had my ownroom. I decided to go outside to try to make some friends. I took a shower and put on some skinny jeans and a t shirt. I went outside and a bunch of kids were playing. There was this one kid with big blue eyes and blonde hair. He was off to the side by himself. Away from everyone. Hmm...

     I was about to talk to this girl. But my mom called me in for dinner. Well I guess I'll be alone at lunch Tommorow. Great. 

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