The new girl.

This is Emma the new girl. After a move from California to Massachusetts, at her new school she is a target of bulling. Then suddenly someone asks her to the dance. She barely knows this person. Is it just a prank, or does he really want to go with her? Emma goes to tell him her answer but gets in a car accident! What will happen next?


11. Crash

The next day of school, I felt confident. I would give Gabe my answer. The school day went well according to my standards. I saw him walking to his house so I went to cross the street, and I said his name so he would see me a wait for me to cross the street. He looked over wrong. 


Hmm... What happened? Where am I? It took at my strength to lift my arm up, but then i realized there was a peice of glass stuck under my arm, the blood dripped down. Then I saw my parents and some people I didn't know. The everything went black and fuzzy again. I opened my eyes to see a white shiny ceiling, I lowered my head to the side. There were white walls, I looked over to the other side and saw my parents. They were sitting down, my mom stroked my hair and asked if I was okay. I replied " what...? " my mom explained it to me and everything became clear. I was crossing the street to talk to Gabe and I was hit by a car. Gabe called my parents and 911. There were big red and white flashing lights that blinded my for a second, that was he ambulance. The driver crashed his head into the windsheild as he came to an abrupt stop. Now I was in the hospital. My mom told me I broke one of my legs, and I would need crutches. I had been in a car accident.

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