Bleeding Love<3

Gabbriella lives the most normal life one girl possible can. Except for the fact she lives in the same apartment building as five extremely hot boys. For about three years now but some how she doesn't let their pretty smiles or beautiful eyes distract her. In fact she picks a fight with them almost everyday. And yet for some reason she finds herself defeated by them. Will she finally realize her feelings? Or will it be too late? Will one of them show her how to love?


11. Idiots.

Gabbriella's POV:

I sat on the swing with my ear buds in. I had two days left until Liam was back. It's been a horrible week. Louis and Harry keep hitting on me. Not to mention that if I'm alone they keep trying to take advantage of me. It's very sicking. Though I did get a great kick to Harry's nuts the other day. I smiled at the thought. I looked up to see Harry's face inches away from mine. I groaned standing up and pushing him away. 

"Leave me alone." I growled.

"You don't have anyone to protect you today." He smirked pulling on my arm. 

"You really think I need someone to protect me?!" I yanked my arm away from him. "Do you forget the pain I put you through the other day?" 

"How could I forget." He growled. "Just means you're going to make it up to me." 

"In your fucking dreams Styles!" I yelled. 

He shoved me against then trapped me. I growled wanting to beat the shit out of this child. Yes I called Harry fucking Styles a child. He doesn't deserve to be referred to as a man. I pushed him away and started walking in the yard. I felt him yank on my arm pulling me backwards. 

"Let me go you idiot!" I yelled. 

"I demand you make it up to me!" He yelled.

"Go to hell!" 

I turned my head to see Harry on the ground and Liam's hand locked with mine. He stood in front of me glaring down at Harry who looked terrified. He walked past him pulling me along. I stuck my tongue out at Harry before heading inside with Liam. He pulled me to his apartment. When we got inside he pushed me up against the wall then smashed his lips against mine. Sparks entered my body causing me to warm up. He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck making our kiss deeper. He pulled away and leaned his forehead against mine smiling at me. 

"Didn't miss me did you?" I smirked. 

"Like hell." He chuckled. 

"Good." I kissed his lips softly. 

"So I hear Lou and Haz have been causing trouble with you." He frowned. 

"What can I say everyone wants a piece of me." I teased. 

"Yeah well I don't like sharing." He smirked. 

"I'm not yours so you don't have to worry about that." I said being serious. I walked towards the door and headed to my apartment. I know it sounded mean but it was true. I wasn't his girl friend. 

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