Bleeding Love<3

Gabbriella lives the most normal life one girl possible can. Except for the fact she lives in the same apartment building as five extremely hot boys. For about three years now but some how she doesn't let their pretty smiles or beautiful eyes distract her. In fact she picks a fight with them almost everyday. And yet for some reason she finds herself defeated by them. Will she finally realize her feelings? Or will it be too late? Will one of them show her how to love?


15. End Of One, Beginning of Another.

A/N~ Hey loves I know I did some major twisting there in the last chapter. Some major changes are about to happen here. Hope you you enjoy loves! x


Brie's POV:

She got a classic style that's all her own
A smile you can hear through the telephone
And she says she's a rebel
But she's way too sentimental

I moved in with Reanne and promised to help her take care of the baby. She's three months and there's a small bump on her tummy. She seems very fond of this baby so I decided to start being supportive of her choice. Today was Lou's funeral. I was heartbroken about him dying but I couldn't express my feelings. I know he was a horrible roommate but he wasn't that bad of a guy. 

"Ready to go?" Reanne asked me. 

"Yeah..." I muttered following her out of the door. 

We drove to the place it was taking place. Everyone looked so sad. They all had tears in their eyes. I walked in fighting back the tears that already swelled my eyes. Suddenly I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist and bury their head in my stomach. I looked down and ran my hand through his blonde hair. He looked sadder now than he was last week. I guess I'm not really surprised because Lou was like a brother to these boys. I looked over and noticed the sad looks in Zayn's and Liam's eyes. 

"Where's Harry?" I asked. 

"Outback.." Zayn said. 

"I'm gonna go check on him.." I said as Niall let go of me. I walked out the back door to find Harry sitting on the porch with his legs hanging off. He was clearly crying. Poor guy. Wow never thought I'd ever think that about him. I sat down next to him and he quickly buried his head into my chest. I rubbed the back of his head trying to make him feel better. After a few minutes he pulled away and whipped away the tears. Then we walked back inside as the service began. Everyone was crying throughout the service making it really hard for me not to cry. After they were done speaking everyone headed out to their cars to go to the cemetery. I was about to leave the building when I heard a crying girl. I turned my head and saw a girl that looked very familiar. 

"El?" I questioned. She looked up and tried to whip the tears away but they just kept falling. Eleanor was Lou's ex. They were dating about a few months after I got to the apartment. It ended a year later. That's when he became a complete jerk. 

"Gabbriella?" She mumbled. 

"Yeah it's me.." I walked closer to her then realized next to her was a little three year old girl. My eyes widened as I noticed how much she looked like Louis. "Who's kid is that..." 

"It's...." Her eyes started swelling up more. 

"Lou's isn't it..." I asked and she just nodded as tears swarmed down her cheeks. "What's your name beautiful?"

"M-mia..." She mumbled clinging onto Eleanor's leg. 

"Well Mia it's nice to meet you. You have a wonderful mom and your dad was a great guy too. If you ever want to know anything about your daddy I'm always here." I smiled at her then I looked back up at Eleanor. "El I'm here for you both." 

"T-thanks Gabbriella.." She wrapped her arms around me hugging me tightly. 

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