Bleeding Love<3

Gabbriella lives the most normal life one girl possible can. Except for the fact she lives in the same apartment building as five extremely hot boys. For about three years now but some how she doesn't let their pretty smiles or beautiful eyes distract her. In fact she picks a fight with them almost everyday. And yet for some reason she finds herself defeated by them. Will she finally realize her feelings? Or will it be too late? Will one of them show her how to love?


13. Confusion?

Gabbriella's POV:

I woke up in a cold sweat. Thunder had just woken me up for the forth time tonight. I was in a state of confusion. Niall had just kissed me earlier today. He's never once made a move on me. Maybe it was out of lust? Ugh! My head is starting to kill me! I made my way to the kitchen and made some coffee. It was three in the morning, I guess there isn't a reason to head back to bed now. I had to be up for work in two hours. I sighed and took a shower. After my shower I put a clean dress on the went back out to my coffee. Someone knocked on my door when I opened it up I felt my body being pushed up against the wall. The door slammed shut and when I flickered my eyes opened I noticed it was Louis. 

"What the hell do you want?!" I growled. 

Before I had a chance to get away he kissed my lips forcefully. Sparks entered my body. I was surprised and my how body went numb as I stopped struggling. Wait what?! Suddenly I felt him pull away from me. I slid down the wall and covered my lips. I noticed Liam was hovering over Louis punching him. I couldn't move. I just sat there speechless. My whole body was frozen. I jumped a bit when Louis got up and ran out of the apartment. Liam turned his attention to me. He wrapped his arms around me and tears slipped out of his eyes. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

"Y-yeah..." I said unsure.

"Brie..." He mumbled. I looked up at him through my teary eyes before he kissed me causing sparks to enter my body. I wanted more. I got onto his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him deeper. I ran my hand through his hair and pulled a bit causing him to moan. His lips pulled away from mine and traveled my neck causing little moans to escape my lips. He ran his hand under my shirt which made my body get warmer. Then he stopped at looked at me. 

"Are you sure..." He mumbled and blushed a bit. I smashed my lips against his. 

"Yes..." I moaned. 

*Two hours later*

The rain was still falling but the building was silent again. I made sure that I looked decent for work before heading out the door. I walked out into the yard to see Niall under the tree. The ran made him look so sad. 

"Ni are you okay?" I asked. It was the first time I called him Ni instead of Niall. He looked up at me and I could tell he had just been crying. My heart started aching. I bent down beside him and noticed he was still crying. I whipped the tears away from his cheeks. "What's wrong Ni?" 

"It hurts..." He muttered and more tears came out.

"What hurts?" 

He pointed to his chest right above his heart. 

"Why does your heart hurt?" I asked as my eyes started to swell up. 

"I don't know..." He cried. 

"Come to work with me Ni.." I said taking his hand. 

When we got to my office he sat in my chair like a little puppy. I was in the kitchen area trying to find something for him to eat. When I felt someone touch my shoulder. I almost jumped and screamed. I turned around to see Reanne. Yes we work in the same place. She had soft smile on her face. 

"Are you okay Gabby?" She asked. "You look a bit ill.." 

"Oh?" I felt my forehead. "I guess I'm just a bit stressed is all." 

"Don't stress yourself out too much." She frowned. "I don't want you to get sick.." 

"I promise I won't." I softly smiled at her before going back to Niall. I handed him a bag of chips but he pushed it away. That's when I knew something wasn't right. "Ni.." 

"Have you ever had feelings for someone who probably didn't even care about you?" He asked standing up. His lips were inches away from mine. He kissed me softly but passionately causing sparks to enter my body. "I'll see you later Ella." 

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