Bleeding Love<3

Gabbriella lives the most normal life one girl possible can. Except for the fact she lives in the same apartment building as five extremely hot boys. For about three years now but some how she doesn't let their pretty smiles or beautiful eyes distract her. In fact she picks a fight with them almost everyday. And yet for some reason she finds herself defeated by them. Will she finally realize her feelings? Or will it be too late? Will one of them show her how to love?


18. Broken and Shattered.

A/N~ Guys please go check out my Emblem3 story Nothing To Lose<3! :) 

Brie's POV:

I hadn't seen or heard from Liam in awhile and I was hoping that I could surprise him at his work. I needed to get my mind off of Harry because there was no way him and I could ever happen. Plus I already knew I really liked Liam. I mean I've liked him since the day I moved into the building so if any relationship would to happen I was hoping it'd be with him. 

I stood by the door of the building waiting from him to come out. When I noticed a blonde leaning against a sports car texting on her phone. When the doors opened and I watched as Liam went up to the girl then kissed her my heart completely shattered. Tears fell from my eyes as I ran from the building. I felt like I was going to hurl. I ran all the way home without stopping which is very amazing due to the fact I wasn't a very active person. When I got inside I slammed the door shut and slid down to the floor then cried. I heard the phone ring but didn't bother to answer it and allowed it to go to voicemail. 

"Brie? Brie if you're there pick up. I saw you run from my work place. What were you doing there? Pick up so we can talk. Brie pick up damnit.."

Liam sounded very frustrated as he slammed the phone to hang up. A few minutes later the phone started ringing again. I felt anger now so I picked up the phone. 

"Leave me alone!" I yelled as tears rolled down my face. 

"Whoa Brie...." Harry said terrified. 

"Harry? I'm so sorry I thought you were Liam..." I sniffled.

"Brie are you okay?"

I didn't answer.

"I'm coming over with a bucket of ice cream and some chick flicks." 

I giggled a bit whipping away the tears. 

"Good you laughed. I'll be there soon." He said before hanging up. I laid down on the couch and waited till he showed up. He had grabbed Love Actually which is his and my favorite movie. We cuddled up to each other on the couch drowning ourselves in ice cream as we watched the movie. Half way through I was close to sleep when I felt him kiss my forehead. "What happened with Liam love?" 

"He has a girlfriend now..." I sighed as I turned around to look at him. "I thought he liked me but I guess I was wrong." 

"No offense but he does tend to lead girls on..." He mumbled. 

"You're one to talk.."

"I don't lead them on. I tell them straight up that it won't last between us. That we can only be a one night thing." He defended. 

"What would you tell me?" I asked sitting up and tying my hair back into a ponytail. 

"I would say that try my hardest to make you happy." He said as he sat up and kissed my cheek. 

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