Forever young (1D)

Ariel never had a good childhood never got to live her but she has one dream and it's to be forever young, and maybe when she meets five immature boys that so happen to be OneDirection they help but what happens when one of them fall for the red head! Read to find out!


1. Breathless

You make me breathless and I can't help it.

Oh hello I'm Ariel yes like the mermaid and I'm 20 years old and do whatever the hell I want! I work at a hotel the best hotel in L.A but I wanna move to London I have a best friend name Ella she as blonde hair and brown eyes and is perfect while I have red hair blue eyes and I'm nerdy Ella is just as awkward, weird as me but I'm really sassy and funny.

"You know we can go with this" Mary said she was a crazy old lady that says she can see the future and that I also housekeeper for but me and Ella like to came in here for lunch break, right now she was looking at a blank sheet of paper " What do you girls think" she ask Ella was on the verge of peeing herself " I think it's a blank sheet of paper" I laughing " you got to look closer " Mary said in a soft tone "sorry Mary I gotta go do lifeguard duty down at the pool" I said as I made my way out of her room and in to the hotel hall. I opened my hotel room door and got dressed into a a white tank top and red shorts that said lifeguard and walk down to the pool. Once I got there I take jakes place and watch people swim then I saw someone who look familiar Harry styles oh my god Ella going to be jelly, then someone started screaming "help" I jump down there and save the guy? Who was now laying on the tile floor "are you ok" I ask the guy " yeah " I met the graze of Louis Tomlinson I watch him blush " don't worry bro that pool like super duper deep I think it goes to 29 ft " I said reassuring him I watch his band mates surround him "are you ok" I hear Harry ask louis " I'm breathless" louis replied

Ok it's short yeah I know

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