Bad Girl's Bad Boy

15 year old Zoey is a bad girl. She's a bit girly, but she sticks to anything guys. She has a few friends, but not many. She used to be a sweet girl, but she realized that wasn't her. Now, she gets respect from everyone, but one new boy. She invites a bunch of guys over for her sweet 16 where they go swimming and play paintball. The new boy was invited and she doesn't speak to him much, she sticks with the boys who respect her. Since her mother died, she hasn't been the same. She lives with her father and brother.


7. Torn ( Or so I thought)

"What in the hell are you doing here?" I stand up and get in between my dad and Reed. 

"Dad, it's okay. We were just hanging out." Bull face lie. I can't help but feel guilty right after the sentence leaves my lips.

"Leave... NOW!!!!!!" I look over at Reed who, despite the circumstances, has a cool expression that appears almost bored.

"Sir, I understand what you must be feeling, but-"

"Be quiet and get out of my house. I swear, if I ever see you anywhere near my daughter again you will regret it." 

I look over at Reed with tears in my eyes. I just got him, I can't lose him. Reed walks over to me and gives me a light kiss on the forehead.

"Goodbye Baby, I'll talk to you soon. I promise." At first I thought I had imagined him saying it, but I could tell by the look in his eyes that he had definitely said it. He then walks past my father and out the door.

"Zoey, I forbid you to see that boy ever again! He is no good for you. I will not have my daughter being with some low life little-"

"I love him daddy, and if you even cared an ounce about me you would want me to be happy. I love him."

"Darling, you're 16. You can't be in love, you're still a child."

"Sorry to burst your bubble dad, but I'm not a child anymore. And you will not stop me from seeing Reed!"

With that I turned on my heel and ran up the stairs. Once safely inside my room, I slammed my door and locked it. I threw myself down on the bed and cried. 

After about a half an hour of this I came to a conclusion. No matter what it takes I will not lose Reed.

Just then I received a text. It was from Reed!!!!!

Reed: hey beautiful. ;)

Me: hey babe. What's up?

Reed: what are you doin tomorrow night? ;)

Me: nothing, why?

Reed: will you go on a date with me then? ;)

Me: Yes!!!!!!!! :) :)

Reed: ok beautiful, I'll see you in school tomorrow. Bye baby. ;)

Me: bye babe. <3

I locked my phone and put it back on my nightstand. I got dressed in some pajama shorts and a tank top and crawled into bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light.






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