Bad Girl's Bad Boy

15 year old Zoey is a bad girl. She's a bit girly, but she sticks to anything guys. She has a few friends, but not many. She used to be a sweet girl, but she realized that wasn't her. Now, she gets respect from everyone, but one new boy. She invites a bunch of guys over for her sweet 16 where they go swimming and play paintball. The new boy was invited and she doesn't speak to him much, she sticks with the boys who respect her. Since her mother died, she hasn't been the same. She lives with her father and brother.


6. Chapter 6: Special

I woke up with Reed by my side. I sighed and remembered what happened, my cheeks turning a pinkish colour. I felt Reed's arms slip around me and his lips kiss my cheek. I rolled over and he pulled me close. "Fuck..." I muttered. "What is it?" He asked. "My head is pounding." I groaned. He laughed at me and we quickly got dressed. He and I sat on my couch and just watched TV even though it was 7 in the morning. I normally slept until noon. When we heard the door open suddenly, we looked at each other. Our eyes were wide as my dad's footsteps grew close. Before Reed could run, my dad walked in and glared.

A/N: Sorry I haven't been updating. Busy busy busy! Sorry for shitty chapter! I'll try to work on books when I can!

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