Bad Girl's Bad Boy

15 year old Zoey is a bad girl. She's a bit girly, but she sticks to anything guys. She has a few friends, but not many. She used to be a sweet girl, but she realized that wasn't her. Now, she gets respect from everyone, but one new boy. She invites a bunch of guys over for her sweet 16 where they go swimming and play paintball. The new boy was invited and she doesn't speak to him much, she sticks with the boys who respect her. Since her mother died, she hasn't been the same. She lives with her father and brother.


4. Chapter 4: Unknown

I woke up in someone's arms, walking. I let out a small scream when I realized it was Reed. The feeling came back, stronger this time. "Put me down!" I said, so he did.  We all walked into the house and sat at the table so we could have the cake we never had. "It's a nice Friday, ain't it?" I stated. The rifle on the cake looked soo cool. The skin on it and the cake was camouflage. My dad lifted the rifle off the top and handed it to me. "Happy Birthday." He said. I hugged him. He handed me something. "From your mother." He said. I opened it and saw a small book. 

My dearest child,

At the age of 16, you're probably feeling strange around a certain boy. You might feel nervous, your stomach may flip, your hands might get sweaty, and you may have a strange feeling, maybe it gets stronger when very close. What you feel, is love. If you see a spark in his eye, than you really are.

I'm sorry I can't be there and that you may feel uncomfortable because he could be in the very same room.


My breathing stopped. I hadn't seen a spark, but everything else. My heart beat faster. "I'll be back in a moment... I have to use the bathroom." I said. I hurried up the stairs. He said my mother was beautiful and then said I looked just like her. 

*An Hour Later*

The boys were gone, but Reed was stuck with me while my dad was gone out and his parents were out as well. As for my brother, he was gone to a friends house. "I'm going swimming... Come if you want to." I said. I walked upstairs and put on my black and purple bikini. I walked to the mirror and put my long ass hair in the ponytail. I walked downstairs and into the living room, where the door to the pool was, along with Reed. He saw me and his jaw dropped. I just walked past and out the door. He followed after me and ripped off his shirt to go in. I had to admit, he was very strong and he had abs. We jumped in and had some fun. Soon, I wanted to chill, so I took one of my floating chairs and chilled. Before I knew it, I was underwater. I popped up and Reed was laughing. I pushed him under. Then, I started laughing. I got out and chilled out on the deck. My in-ground pool had a small deck, so I stayed there. Reed sat next to me and dumped water on me. "Fuck you." I said and walked off. "Don't leave. You can push me in if you want." He said. So, I did. I sat on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water. He jumped out and sat next to me. I turned to him and crossed my legs. He turned to me as well. He scooted closer and I scooted away. He grabbed my arms and pulled me closer. I tried to pull back, but I couldn't, he was too strong. "I have to tell you something." He said. "I don't need to be this close to you." I said. We looked at each other and our eyes locked. A spark went off in his eyes. My heart raced. Shit, I was in love. I couldn't be! He stared into my eyes and smiled slightly. "Have I ever told you, you look just like your beautiful mother?" He said. I nodded. He leaned over me, not breaking eye contact. He leaned closer until we were about 3 inches apart. "Your eyes are very pretty." He said. My face got really warm. He leaned in a bit more. My heart raced, my face redden, and my hands got sweaty. He pressed his lips to mine. My eyes widened and I stared at him. Sparks flew between us. I closed my eyes and placed my hands on his chest. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer. He leaned on me slightly and I fell to my back on the deck with him kneeling over me. We started making out and he placed his hands by my head. I had fallen in love with a boy, a boy who was almost my other half. He got to my heart. God damn this boy, he was irresistible. He bit my bottom lip. A moan purred in the back of my throat. He smiled against my lips. He stopped and our eyes met. "It's painful not to look at your eyes." He said. My face grew warm. He pressed his lips to mine and brushed his tongue against my bottom lip, teasing me. I let it in and a moan purred again. He moved away from my lips and down my neck. He kissed all over my neck. I bit my lip to hold back a moan. He stopped on one spot of my neck and bit down, sucking hard. I let a moan escape my lips. He tightened his jaw and sucked even harder. A loud moan of pleasure escaped my lips. He sucked harder on every moan. He bit down even more, so hard he drew blood. I screamed and arched my back. He stopped and looked at me. "Enjoy?" He asked. I nodded very slightly. "You're mine now." He said with a smirk and pointed to my neck. I rubbed the spot and it hurt. "When I leave, remember that no one else can have you." He said. I nodded. 

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