Bad Girl's Bad Boy

15 year old Zoey is a bad girl. She's a bit girly, but she sticks to anything guys. She has a few friends, but not many. She used to be a sweet girl, but she realized that wasn't her. Now, she gets respect from everyone, but one new boy. She invites a bunch of guys over for her sweet 16 where they go swimming and play paintball. The new boy was invited and she doesn't speak to him much, she sticks with the boys who respect her. Since her mother died, she hasn't been the same. She lives with her father and brother.


3. Chapter 3: Dead Or Alive?

The smell of blood. The sounds of wolves. The boys screaming. Darkness. Hell was right around the corner.

I awake to find myself alive. I was weak and couldn't move. My eyes opened slowly. Blood was all over the floor and I was leaning against the wall. "What happened?" I asked weakly, turning my head slightly. "Umm... We'll explain later." Justin said. I could barely see. Everything was blurred. "Where are we exactly?" I asked. "Sector 7." Mat said. I tried to sit up, but it was too painful. I winced and fell back down. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Reed said. I felt so weak to let the guys see me in so much pain. It's like I was going to be seen differently. "I thought I was falling... Why am I up here?" I asked as my body relaxed and my vision started to come back, but my voice and body were still weak. "I grabbed onto you before you fell to far." Reed said. "Someone help me stand up." I said. Pushing myself up a bit. "No, no one is helping you. It's not a good idea." Jake said. "Help me up." I ordered through clenched teeth. Reed and Mat helped me up. They held onto my arms until I shook them off. "See, perfectly fine..." I said, before staggering back. I held onto the wall. My leg was numb and it was wrapped up tightly. "You're not perfectly fine, Zoey. Sit down. This isn't a good idea." Dustin said. "Don't tell me what to do! I don't have to listen to you." I said. I pulled myself over to my communicator. I changed the channel and pressed the button. "Daddy." I said. "Yes?" He replied. "We got a code 8.2.4." I said. "Alright. Sit tight. Zoey, you best sit down, you don't wanna make it worse." He said. "Alright, daddy. We're in Sector 7, North East." I said. "Sit tight. I'm on my way." He said. I put down the communicator and my legs gave out, causing me to fall. I started to get dizzy. "Who wrapped my leg? Only 3 of you don't pass out at the sight of blood." I said. "I did." Jake said. "Did the bleeding stop before you wrapped my leg?" I asked. "No..." He said. "You idiot! You have to stop the bleeding first! That much blood isn't a good thing! No wander I'm dizzy and can't move!" I snapped. He hung his head. "Sorry, sir." He said. "You should be!" I said. I moved to I was leaning against the wall. "Someone, grabbed that bag on the wall." I said. Justin grabbed it and gave it to me. I dug through it until I found a large thing of stuff that stopped bleeding. "Y'all might not want to see this if you faint at the sight of blood." I said. Everyone turned around away. I unwrapped my leg and relieved a deep, bleeding cut that went all up my leg. I grabbed some cotton and poured some of that stuff on it. I pressed it to my leg and almost screamed. It hurt to touch and then the stinging, I let a couple tears run down my face. "Jake, wrap it." I said. He walked over and wrapped it. "I would clean up the blood, but I don't usually come here anymore." I said. I looked over at a picture on the wall. I pulled myself off the floor, in a lot of pain, I walked over to the picture. I took it off the wall and lead against the wall. I remembered why I hated it here. Mom and I used to be here all the time. 


4 months Before Her Death

"Zoey, you look so pretty." Mom said. I was dressed in a little dress and make up. My hair was in a ponytail that skimmed the floor. "Your hair is so long, baby." She said. I spun around. My mom took a picture and hung it on the wall. "Happy Birthday." She said and handed me a small box. I opened it and there was a small necklace. I smiled and we carved our names into the wood.

*Flashback Over*

I still wore the necklace, I just kept it hidden in my shirt. The boys were asleep and I continued to look at the picture. I dropped it by the window and looked out. "That your mom?" Reed asked, picking up the picture. I nodded. I sat against the wall and fell asleep with Reed a foot away. 

*The Next Morning*

I woke up to my head rising slowly and dropped. I opened my eyes and realized that my head was on Reed's chest. "Gah!" We both cried as we pushed each other away. "What were you doing resting on my chest?!" He demanded. "What were you doing so close to me!?" I asked angrily. He fell silent. "Exactly!" I said, standing up and smoothed my camouflage shirt. My pants were ripped from the wolf. "You know, you don't look half bad in camouflage." He said. "Oh, so now you're flirting with me?!" I demanded. "No! I'm just stating! I thought girls liked compliments!" He said. "Well, you've known me long enough to know I'm not like that!" I said. He scrambled to his feet and I folded my arms. I walked over to the picture and picked it up. "You're mother was quite beautiful." He said. I walked over to the window and looked down. "She was, wasn't she." I said. I turned around to face him. He stepped a bit closer and I was leaning back, gripping the window. I was going to fall out to where the wolves stayed. He leaned over me and studied me carefully. I got that strange feeling again when our eyes met. My palms got sweaty and my stomach filled. "You look just like her." He said after a moment. "I hate myself 'cause of it... I can't even look at myself anymore." I said. I turned my back to him and looked out the window. A few wolves still stood there. Now that Dawn was coming, I could see more detail. Their red eyes, their grey fur, sharp teeth, and one had a bloody paw... I was so ticked off. I could still barely walk. Where was dad anyway? "Zoey..." Reed said. "Hmm?" I did to say I was listening. "Do you hate me?" He asked. "No, I strongly dislike you at times. You're a cool kid, a good person to hang around. At times, we tick each other off, yes, but the guys and I always do that. You more often then not." I said. He shook his head. "Takes not what I mean. Am I your friend." He said. "Ya, why?" I asked. "You know... It's just that we're a lot alike..." He said. "Sorta like..." He trailed off. "Like you 2 were made for each other?" Dustin asked from his corner. "Hell no!" I said. Reed looked as if he was about to disagree, but shook his head at what Dustin said. Dustin fell back to sleep and Reed stood directly behind me. I could feel his breath on my neck. I heard a loud motor of a Jeep. I turned and Reed was looked straight into my eyes. My stomach flipped. "My dad is coming." I said, and slipped away to wake the boys. We grabbed our gear and waited. Dad's Jeep pulled up and Josh waved. Reed and Justin helped me down the ladder and we climbed into the back of the Jeep where you'd normally put supplies, not people. As dad drove off, Reed kept on looking at me, and before I knew it, I was asleep.

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