A girl Zoe tries her ways to block out people by writing her own music, but will she be able to block everyone she comes across to? Read to find out hope you enjoy!:)


1. Chapter 1.

I woke up at 7:00. Not the best time to wake up at! I started writing in my journal about my feelings and how I'm getting bullied at school. My dad told me this is how he would get away from the bullies, was to write in his journal. But he would write songs. 
Mom would go in the woods when she would feel down. I tried that but the journal makes me feel like I can express myself more! I've written more songs for hope and love!  But I don't show anybody of my songs, only in the church because I like to write Christian poems and songs. 

Louis POV
today Zayne and I are going to a school for the music class. Zayne and I have been waiting for this for a long time. 
Get in the car Louis we're going to be late for school! Ok Zayne I'm coming I yell to Zayne!

Zaynes POV
Louis and I are heading to the music room to give these student (who are our age) a little advise about the music buzz if they have a dream as like that.
Ok class, settle down now we have a very important guest with us today! 
Louis and Zayne!

Zoe's POV
Louis and Zayne shouts out from the music teacher!
Who are they I wonder to myself? Well I might as well take this time and write some notes down to maybe think of a song! 


Hey guys I hope you are enjoying so far! I'm kind of new to this so I would really great full if y'all would comment and like! Thanks so much for reading!! Like and comment for new chapter!:)

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