Short Storys

Buncha Random Short Story's :p


1. Story #1

A/N This isn't my story! Full credit to whoever wrote this! I just thought it was adorable!

He watched her sit on the rusty set of swings, swaying back and forth with tears streaming down her face. He was confused as to why the little girl before him was crying. She stopped and looked up at they sky, smiling slightly when the crusty wind blew past her. The little boy was in complete awe at the sight before him. She was such a beauty. Her long golden hair flew behind her as she swung on the swings. The little girl was laughing wildly as she struggled to keep her eyes open from the cold air. It all came to an abrupt stop as she fell in mid air and landed on her elbow. Quickly the boy rushed over to her. She looked up at him with her ocean blue eyes, tears escaping them. Her arm was bleeding, the once pastel blue dress soon became a ripped and bloody one. She wailed into the boys arms. She felt safe for some reason. The little boy wrapped his scarf around her arm tightly to stop the bleeding. He was quite experienced and intended to stop the girl from bleeding anymore. The boy applied pressure onto the cut and soon it stopped bleeding. "Thank you," She looked up into his chocolaty brown eyes and sighed in content. The boy was currently hugging her so tight that she was struggling to breath. Their eyes met and their tiny little hearts skipped a beat. The little boy whispered shyly, "My name is Liam, what's yours." "Jamie," She gripped onto his yellow raincoat tightly, resting her head in the crook of his neck, "Mommy told me not to talk to strangers." "I'm not a stranger, I'm your friend." With that they held onto each other as if there life depended on it, never leaving one or another. They were in this together, forever.

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