Forbidden *Complete*

Rosalinda is just a young teen girl who's family is overly rich. Then one day she gets a new personal servant named Mason and she falls in love. Of course her dad has to mess everything up with setting up an arranged marriage with another boy. When their love is forbidden, what will they do?


9. Your Stupid Ball

*A Few Days Later*

"Father, you can't," I kind of snap at him.

"Yes I can," Father starts fixing some papers on his desk.

"I'm not going to your stupid ball with Zack. I hate him and nothing you say can change that."

"You're going with him and that's finally."

"I'm not."

"Are you arguing with me?" his gaze flutters up to me. Staring into me with such anger.

"I am," I stand a little straighter. "I'm done standing by."

"I want you to go to somewhere and cool off. This conversation is over. You're going to the ball with Zack."

"I'll go to your ball, but not with Zack," I turn on my heel and exit his office before he can say another word.

I'm halfway to the side door to go to my house, when a voice fills my ears. "Did your father tell you the news?"

I spin to face Zack. "He did, and I'm not going with you."

"But you are, sweetheart. No matter what."

"I told you not to call me that. And I'm not going to the ball with you."

"Ah, but you are. We're going to be introduced as a couple and everything this evening."

"To hell with you." I turn and continue walking to the side door.

"Rosa," a girl and boy's voice fills my ears as I reach the side door.

I look and see Emilia and Mason. "Hey guys. What's up?"

"We've been looking for you," Emilia smiles. "I bet you already know about the ball tonight."

"Yeah. I have to go with Zack."

"Nope," Mason says. "You're going with me."

"What are you talking about?"

"We're both going to the ball," Emilia starts explaining. "I'm going to find a guy and Mason is going to be with you. We're going to dress up and no one will suspect a thing."

"That's a great idea," I smile. "We should start getting ready since the ball starts in a few hours."

*A Few Hours Later*

"You look so pretty Rosalinda," Emilia smiles at me. She's wearing a blood red dress to the floor with mid-length sleeves, white gloves that cover her wrists, and black pumps that you can't even see. She straightened her hair and put it half up.

"Thank you. You look just as pretty," I smile back. I'm wearing a sky blue dress to the floor with little straps, white gloves to my elbows, and black heels that you can see with my every step. I made sure my curls made perfect spirals because that's what my mother tells me makes me looks just a tad prettier than every other curly haired girl.

"Wow, you girls are beautiful," Mason's voice makes me want this ball to happen tonight.

Emilia and I turn to look at Mason. The only thing that he's done is put on a black suit. He looks handsome though. "Thank you," Emilia and I say in unison before giggling.

"We should head on in," Mason looks at Emilia.

"I'll see you in there then," I smile at them.

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