Forbidden *Complete*

Rosalinda is just a young teen girl who's family is overly rich. Then one day she gets a new personal servant named Mason and she falls in love. Of course her dad has to mess everything up with setting up an arranged marriage with another boy. When their love is forbidden, what will they do?


12. The End

*A Few Weeks Later*

"Hello Emilia," I smile as I embrace my friend.

"Hi Rosa," Emilia says and I can hear the smile in her voice. "It's so nice of you to visit me here."

I hold her out by her shoulders, "Mason and I needed to come here, so it was perfect."

"Ah, Rosa," Jack comes out of the back room. He's Emilia's boyfriend and the Baker's son. He has short black hair, deep blue eyes, and just a little taller than Mason. "And Mason. What are you doing here?"

"We came to get a cake," Mason answers. "Rosa's birthday is coming up."

"Well, I just started icing a cake, so let me specialize it for you," he exits the way he came.

"You'll come to my party, right?" I ask Emilia.

"We live together. I'll be helping you set up the party," Emilia giggles.

"Stupid question. Have you seen Zack anywhere? I want to invite him to my party. There's no reason why not."

"If I see him I'll pass on the news."

"Thanks. Dad will be mad to see him, since he left. But he's a man, and Father always gets over things."

"I'm happy your father accepts us," Mason says.

I giggle, "You can thank Mother for that one."

"Remind me to when we get back home."

I smile and nod. This is awesome. My life is amazing now. I've got amazing, close, real friends. A boyfriend who loves me for me and stuck with me through a lot. My parents are proud of me and finally let me do my own thing. My life has turned out perfect, and I wouldn't change a thing that has happened.  

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