Forbidden *Complete*

Rosalinda is just a young teen girl who's family is overly rich. Then one day she gets a new personal servant named Mason and she falls in love. Of course her dad has to mess everything up with setting up an arranged marriage with another boy. When their love is forbidden, what will they do?


7. Dancing

*The Next Day*

"Get away from me," I growl at Zack.

"I'm not going anywhere, Rosa," Zack growls back. "I'll be marrying you one day, so I'll do as I please."

"I'm not marrying you. I am going to marry who I want. That's not going to be you."

"I beg to differ sweetheart."

"Do not call me that," I shove him with all my strength and then run out of the room. "Mason!"

"Get back here!"

I glance back at Zack and see him closer than I could've imagined. "Never!" I look back in front of me and see Mason at the end of the hall. A smile forms on my face as I reach him and get behind him. Clutching to his shirt. Not wanting to let Zack get me.

"Out of my way," Zack is so angry.

"No," Mason is firm when he says this. "Why are you chasing her?"

"She won't do as I say."

"So you have to chase her?"


"Don't let him get me," I whimper.

"I won't," Mason grabs my hand. "Now, why don't you just be nice to her?"

"If she does what I say, I will be nice to her," Zack says.

"He wants me to kiss him," I say. "And so many other things I don't want to do."

"You're my future wife and you'll do as I say."

"No I won't."

"I've got an idea," Mason says. "Let's head over to the ballroom and dance. Rosa will dance with both of us, and then she'll choose who she'll spend her days with."

"Fine," Zack growls.

*Half Hour Later*

"Let's start," Zack pulls me close to him as we get ready to ballroom dance.

"Alright," I say.

The music starts and so do we. After a few minutes, Zack starts to get rough. Taking control and forcing me to do move in ways I just can't.

"Stop," I growl. "We're done."

He lets go of me and steps back, "Whatever."

"Mason, it's your turn," I smile at him.

Mason smiles back, "Okay." He walks over to me and we get ready. The music starts and we do to. It's really nice and we flow with the music. Not once does he try and take control. Not once does he get rough. Not once do I stop having fun.

The music stops and I lean into Mason as a smile forms on my face, "That was a lot of fun."

"You're a great dancer," Mason says. "Way better than me."

"I think you know who I choose, Zack."

"This isn't over!" Zack shouts before storming out of the room.

"He's not going to stop, Mason," I frown.

"It's okay. I'll always be here for you," Mason kisses the top of my head.

"You're so sweet," I look up at him.

"And crazy," he connects our lips. A minute or so later he pulls away and kisses my nose.

"I need to study a little bit today. Come with me."

*A Few Hours Later*

"Just a little break," Mason kisses my cheek.

"I have to study," I stare at my book.

"You can't take a little break?"

"No, I've taken enough breaks this week."

"Fine. You know, I like it when we kiss? I feel something every time our lips come together."

"Me too. I'd rather kiss you than Zack. He is always trying to kiss me and I don't want him to. I hate it and him."

"I think you want to take a break."

I close my book and set it on the end table, "You're right. How about we start moving things to my house?"

"That sounds nice. Do you think we can get Emilia to help us?"

"Most likely. Let's go find her and ask."

*An Hour Before Dinner*

"This was so much fun," Emilia smiles as she flops into the recliner.

"We did so much," I smile. "Only my study is left. I never knew my dad had already bought things for the house."

"I'm glad we had a few others helping," Mason says.

"You're dad doesn't know, does he?" Emilia looks at me and then Mason before looking back at me.

"No," I shake my head. "He's not going to know for a while longer. I'll tell him one day. But not yet." Yeah, I'll tell my father about Mason and me one day.

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