The Paper Airplane

Mercy has had mental disabilities for her whole life. Her dad was in the air force and died in a plane crash. But before her dad died, the last thing she did with him was make a paper airplane and fly it. In middle school she pays to go to a special school and take lessons to be a pilot. She has to hide her mental disability though because then the school would kick her out. she's now in the high school part of the special school, and she finds out she may just get to fly a jet.


7. The Paper Flyer

   I scream. "MAY. MAY. PLEASE!" Tears sting my eyes, choices. Fall and die. Or try to survive. I wipe my eyes and look ahead of me. I push the turbo switch forward but nothing happens. I look back and see a large hole framing the sky. The engine must have fell. I'm dead. I'm so dead. I start to fall and I hurl on the ground next to me. Dead girl. I am gonna be such a dead girl. I look out the hole behind me. I don't know if its a hallucinations or if i'm so near death I start seeing dead people but my dad stands in the hold. He flies a paper airplane towards me. And suddenly I have I idea. i'm sitting in one giant paper air plane.


   I pull up on the wheel and I glide. Right infront on me I see Iraq. I push down and the plane dips lower. I fly over buildings. I even skim one. I dip down onto the road and scream. I pull up and the plane rolls gracefully onto the road. I rip my seatbelt off and pull the lever to realese the cargo. it drops out unhurt. All packed away in the boxes I wouldn't imagine it even getting a scratch. I head to the door and jump.


  where I wake its sunny. My dad smiles infront of me. the world seems to be in slow motion. All my airplanes swirl in the air. My hands brush against them as they dance in the sweet air. That's when I become aware of a pain. In my left leg, on my left arms, spreading across my face. I scream.


   I wake up in a hospital. I know i'm not in Iraq telling by how clean and tiby the hospital is. a monitor beeps and I look around me. I'm alive. Why and I alive? Take me back to that paper airplane field. I close my eyes and drift into unconsciousness.

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