The Paper Airplane

Mercy has had mental disabilities for her whole life. Her dad was in the air force and died in a plane crash. But before her dad died, the last thing she did with him was make a paper airplane and fly it. In middle school she pays to go to a special school and take lessons to be a pilot. She has to hide her mental disability though because then the school would kick her out. she's now in the high school part of the special school, and she finds out she may just get to fly a jet.


3. Fake Planes

    I wake up as my alarm plays off the dreaded beeping of early mornings. then I remember... the simulator test is today! I spring out of my bed and suit up in black tights, combat boots, and a green plain shirt. Then I grab my dad's leather jacket and slip it on. I braid my hair loosely and apply the simple makeup.  Then I brush my teeth and grab my backpack, then i hurry out the door to get to breakfast.


   I grab the last piece of French bread and hurry to a empty table. I pull out a piece of blank paper and start folding it into complicated patterns. After I finish the plane I chomp down on the French toast. "You ready for today?" says a group of girls to each other as they wonder past my table. I'm not really one for friends. I guess my paper airplane obsession creeps them out a bit. Before I know it a bell rings and I hurry to clean up so I can make it to the simulator room in time.


  Today is extra special because my only class is the simulator. Then I have the rest of the day off. I sit in a hallway lit dimly. A door clangs open and a lady steps out. She calls my name out along with 2 others. I stand up and walk proudly into the larger storage-like room. 3 other people exit and i'm directed to a silver tube held up by thick poles. I climb inside and the lady closes the door. I fasten the seatbelt and lower the metal chest hold. Then the machine flickers on.


  All around my I see a cement runway. It looks exactly like real life. I put my hands on the steering bar for the fake plane and a voice crackles on. "Fly. To. St. Louis. Missouri. By. Following. GPS." the voice says. I watch the gps by the wheel and get my fake plane airborn. The whole simulator is really lifelike. Turbulence actually shakes you. I learn that quickly but soon take control. I'm actually enjoying the simulator until the GPS blanks out. I start panicking in my head. but then I realize this is a test of knowing where your going. So I picture my route and stay on it.


   Before I know it i'm approaching the landing, I breath in and land my fake plane. Perfectly. I smile and move it back into my plane parking space. Then the simulator dies down and the door opens. I unbuckle myself and stroll out. "Did you just fly there without the GPS?" The lady asks. "Um yes." I say smiling. "That's wasn't a test honey. That was a technical error. You have a talent sweetie." She says grinning. I thank her and nod before walking back to the hallway. I return to my room then scream. "YES! I DID IT! YES!" I yell. I know I totally aced that! I dance my way to the phone to call home, I need o celebrate this with mom!


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