The Paper Airplane

Mercy has had mental disabilities for her whole life. Her dad was in the air force and died in a plane crash. But before her dad died, the last thing she did with him was make a paper airplane and fly it. In middle school she pays to go to a special school and take lessons to be a pilot. She has to hide her mental disability though because then the school would kick her out. she's now in the high school part of the special school, and she finds out she may just get to fly a jet.


4. Advanced Flyer

   The next morning I wake up and eat breakfast in a hurry. I go to first hour and sit down waiting for class to begin. I'm eager to start the new unit today after the test. Our teacher walks in and smiles at me. "Mercy you won't be in this class anymore. Instead you will be going to advanced flyer." He says handing me a slip of paper. "Room 24." He says. Then I gather my things and walk outside the class room. once in the hall I practically skip my way down to room 24.


  As I enter the room a teacher turns and smiles at me. "Hello Mercy. I'm very glad your joining us. I'm Captain Hills. But just call me Hills. The advanced flyer program is pretty small, so counting you there will be 10 of us." He says. I smile and shake his hand. "Instead of going to your normal classes you will be coming here except for English and Math. Over the next days we will get you in the cockpit of a plane, copilot a plane. And within a week you will being flying your own jet with a fly partner. Within a year you will be flying to a military base in Iraq. Its dangerous because of enemy planes but with the training in this program you can do it" he says. I smile and sit down waiting for the rest of the class to come.


  They stroll in all wearing a special flight jacket with the logo printed on the backs, and "Advanced Flyer" printed below it. Hills sees me staring and reaches below his desk. He tosses one to me and smiles. "Almost forgot that." he says. I put it on and wait for the bell. The bells rings and we start of class by everybody introducing themselves. The 9 others are Jake, Alex, Taylor, Eric, Johanna, Lily, Drake, Anthony, and May. They all seem nice. I enjoy the lesson today about flight patterns. Then before I know it its time to head back to my room.

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