Furry Love

I'm to lazy to right a description just read it please :)


3. What


Before we start these are how they look in wolf form:


and these are her brothers:


anyway back to the story



Me, Jake, Dean, Sydney, and Eleanor were all sitting around talking when we heard growling we turned around still in wolf form. I started growling and barking at the five wolves standing in front of my pack. They also started growling and barking, they shouldn't even be here this is our territory so we have every right to rip there heads off.

I could smell a familiar scent it smelled like…..Harry's. He's a wolf, I did not see that coming. I guess I should talk to him. This was probably the thing that I sensed about him, Jake and Dean were about to attack them but I growled and stopped them. I shifted into a human form and everyone stopped growling and barking. Jake, Dean, Sydney, and Eleanor shifted to. 'Harry I know that's you.' I said. After a few seconds all of them shifted into human form. 

'What are you doing on our territory!' Dean yelled. 'Dean it's fine!' I yelled back. He nodded. 'I knew there was something strange about you.' Harry said. 'Same here.' I said. 'Guys these are my brothers Jake and Dean and these are Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis.' I said. The guys walked over to Harry in particular and Harry was a midget compared to them Jake was about 6.7 and Dean is 6.8 then Harry is 6.3. I am 6.0, I get my height from them of course.

'What are you guys doing here?' I asked. 'We didn't have a place to stay that would be safe enough to shift so we came out here to search for somewhere to stay.' Zayn spoke. I gave Jake and Dean a "look" and I am pretty sure that they understood. 'You guys could stay with us, we never get hunters, no one bothers us, hell no one even knows that our house is even out here it's completely safe.' Dean said. 

'No, we couldn't I mean we wouldn't want to be a bother.' Liam said. 'Guys we have plenty of room so I wouldn't try and argue with us cause it ain't going to work so well.' I said. 'Harry sleeps in Angels room, Louis in Eleanor's, Niall in Sydney's, then we have two guest bedrooms for Liam and Zayn.' Jake said. (Sydney and Eleanor live with them)

'So I guess it's all settled, let's go before it gets to late.' I said. They all nodded and I shifted. I looked at Harry as he shifted. His wolf was beautiful it was a really dark gray almost black like mine and of course yellow eyes. Wolves like us aren't like a regular wolf size. The height of us depends on our human size when we are on all fours so I am 6.0, Dean is 6.8, Jake is 6.7, and Harry is 6.3. We are like beasts compared to regular wolves even Alphas.

I started running and everyone following, I guess the boys can be in our pack if they want. It's going to take a couple minutes to get back but were fast enough. After 1 more minute of running I stopped, everyone else stopped to. I looked around in the dark and used my night vision to see what animal was walking around cause I was hungry. I saw a whole empty field full of deer and looked at everyone else and motioned my head towards them. They got what I was saying and I took off running and growling as soon as I got to the field I pounced on the first deer I saw and tore it to shreds. 

The boys and girls did the same and we ate about 2 deer each. After I was done I walked over to everyone and started walking back towards the house me, Eleanor, and Sydney were all walking in front while the boys were behind us.

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