Furry Love

I'm to lazy to right a description just read it please :)


1. Intro


Yes I know a new movella but this idea was stuck in my head and once something is stuck in my head it ain't going away unless I do something about it.



I'm Angel I am 19 years old I live with my brothers Jake and Dean. My parents died along time ago so they are the only family I really have besides my pack. Yes, pack I'm a wolf. I have to say it really isn't all that bad of a life.

I live in London but it's kind of hard to keep my secret here. One Direction is coming to my school and being guests speakers since today is the last day of school and I will be out. We had our graduation yesterday so today is just a day to say goodbye to everyone.

I walked in and was greeted by my two best friends Sydney and Eleanor but everyone calls them El and Syd. Syd and El are also Wolves and they are part of my pack I love them like sisters ands do my brothers. We live in the back of the woods in London where no one can hear us howling or fighting or basically making any noise what so ever.

Jake and Dean graduated last year and this is my last day of school EVER! So YAY! I walked into the auditorium and took a seat in the front row where there was only 3 seats left. Perfect. After about 5 minutes the boys came out and as soon as they came out I could sense something about them but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I could tell Sydney and Eleanor sensed it to.

My eyes started to hurt and I could tell it was because of my contacts. We have to wear them just incase our eyes accidentally change if we are mad, sad, scared, or something else.  We all have brown contacts cause we wanted to stick with one color.


( One long assembly later )


​It was finally over those lights were so bright I wanted to just shift right then and there. Of course that would not turn out so we- 'Hey watch were your going.' I snapped at whoever just bumped into to me. I looked up and there stood ONE DIRECTION! 'Sorry I….mean um excuse me.' Harry said. 'Um, sorry I shouldn't have snapped.' I said. 'It's ok what's your name?' he asked. 'I'm Angel, and these are my friends Sydney and Eleanor.' I said. 

'Nice to meet you I'm Harry and this is Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall.' he said. I smiled at each one of them. I could still sense something about these guys. I could also sense a certain Louis Tomlinson staring at a certain Eleanor Calder. Also a certain Niall Horan staring at a certain Sydney Rose. And lastly a certain Harry Styles staring at me. These guys are weird.

'Well we have to go see ya around?' Harry asked. 'Sure bye.' I said. After that we all walked out of school and into the woods then shifted and ran to my flat. We got back and the boys weren't there so we all shifted back and ran into the woods. We found Dean and Jake a little ways out.

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