Furry Love

I'm to lazy to right a description just read it please :)


2. Harry's (POV)



Harry's (POV)


Me and the boys came to London to be guest speakers at the high school. After that we are going to stay here for a long time because Simon and everyone thinks that we need a long break just to be us and have fun running and hunting. Yes, we are wolves and Simon and them knows that to.

We jus got to the school and we were behind the stage waiting for the announcer to call us out. After about five minutes we all went out on stage and talked about what things you could do in the summer and college and we sang. The whole time I was looking at this girl in the front row, I could smell her scent cause I have super smelling it's one of my powers. All wolves have a keen sense of smell but mines stronger.

One of Louis powers is to hide our wolf scent just enough to wear other wolfs can't smell us. After the long assembly me and the boys started walking down the halls so we could go to the woods close by here. As we were walking I bumped into the same girl that I was looking at while I was on stage 'Hey watch where your going.' she snapped. She looked up and stared at me wide-eyed. 'Sorry I….mean um excuse me.' I said acting like an idiot. I could smell her scent so much better now It was so beautiful, and so was she. 'Um, sorry I shouldn't have snapped.' she said. 'It's ok what's your name?' I said. 'I'm Angel, and these are my friends Sydney and Eleanor.' she said. Her voice is like silk but I can sense something something about her, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

I could tell that Louis was staring at Eleanor and Niall was staring at Sydney, and I have to admit that I was staring at Angel and I think she noticed. 'Well we have to go see ya around?' I asked. 'Sure bye.' she said. 

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