Furry Love

I'm to lazy to right a description just read it please :)


5. Getting Them Settled


Angel's (POV)

We got back and I could feel Harry's eyes on me as we walked (still in wolf form) the boys just stared at the house, I don't think they would have expected this to be built all the way out here:

We all shifted back to human and ran inside the boys following slowly walking and admiring everything. Once we all got inside the house it was late and peaceful. 'So um….what about you guys just borrow a shirt and pajama bottoms from Dean and Jake.' I suggested.

They nodded and I looked at Jake and Dean they sighed and nodded. 'We have our clothes and stuff getting shipped over to wherever the place were staying at so I will text Paul to bring them here.' Zayn said. We all nodded and showed Liam and Zayn to there rooms. Then Eleanor took Louis to her room and Sydney took Niall to her room after we got them clothes. Me and Harry walked into my room and I put in Love Actually and sat beside Harry. After about 10 minutes he turned to me. 'You want to get to know each other better like…..just asking each other random questions?' he asked. I nodded and we sat criss-cross in front of each other on my huge bed.

'Ok, so whats your favorite color?' he asked. 'Orange.' I said. 'Really me to.' I smiled and laughed. 'Were you born or bit as a wolf?' I asked.' 'Born.' he said. 'Me to.' it was his turn to smile and laugh. 'What is your favorite animal?' he asked. 'Zebra or Deer. What about you?' I asked. 'Deer or antelope.' he said.

'Ok, do you have a boyfriend?' he asked we were now laying down facing each other. I smiled and shook my head. 'What about you? Have a girlfriend?' I asked. 'Nope, but I really like this one girl I just don't know how to tell her.' he said getting closer. 'Same here.' I said. We were both leaning in his lips brushed mine then ever so slowly he pressed his soft pink lips on mine.

My stomach started doing backflips and I never wanted this to end, he had his hand on my cheek while I had mine on the back of his neck both of us holding each other in place.

He pulled apart and caressed my cheek with his thumb. 'You know who that person is……..you.' he said.

Once he said that I blushed like crazy and pecked his lips. 'I feel the same way about you Harry. This may sound a little stupid but I feel like i've known you forever.' I said. 'It doesn't sound stupid at all cause I feel the same way Angel.' he said. 'Goodnight Harry.' I said and turned around. 'Goodnight Angel.' he whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine. 

After that he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to his body, I instantly felt a lot warmer then I was. I think I was falling for Harry Styles. I liked it to.

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